Zumimall Wireless Camera Review 2024

zumimall wireless camera review

Zumimall Wireless Camera Review

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Camera Quality



  • Picture quality in and of itself is good.
  • Night vision is acceptable
  • Extremely easy to set up and install


  • Battery life is poor

Security cameras are devices that are no longer too strange to humans in modern life today. The Zumimall Wireless Camera is a tool that brings advanced technology to help homeowners, managers feel secure away from home, work, or vacation but can still track, control the household area, offices, enterprises, agencies, shops easily. Let’s Betacamera review this security camera!


Zumimall Wireless Camera has a white enclosure.  This wire-free battery powered outdoor security camera takes less than 5 minutes to set up without having to use any complicated tools. It comes with a magnetic bracket screw and double-sided adhesive tape allowing you to install it. anywhere you want.

Design of the Zumimall Security Camera:

Batteries are not removable and to recharge you must take the camera from the mount but it’s on magnetic holder, so it’s not a problem considering a procedure has to be done once in month or two.

The Zumimall Camera has been tested to endure extreme weather conditions and will brave the outdoors like an iron penguin. Rain, hail, storm, snow, and sunshine – this camera works in the most extreme and beautiful conditions.

 Zumimall Wireless Camera– Functionality

Surprisingly, the Zumimall Security Camera is a pretty good quality camera. I like that it alerts you when there’s any movement detected. It recorded and take pictures when their movement.

With that being said you can put an SD card in to save your pictures and videos but there’s also a cloud where you can choose to pay monthly or yearly. So you have options to either choose SD or a Cloud monthly/yearly subscription.

PIR sensor is sensitive enough to register cars passing by your house at a distance of about 30 feet.

This Zumimall Wireless Camera system lets you listen in and talk back through the built in speaker and microphone that work directly through your iPhone or Android Mic.

Zumimall Camera Installation & Review:

Zumimall Camera Installation & Review

Zumimall Camera At Amazon For $69.98

Camera Quality 

The 1080p camera provides you with clear and crisp recordings that you can watch remotely in real-time through the mobile app CloudEdge.

It maintains a 130 Degree Wide View Angle and offers two-way audio talk to let you easily hold conversations. When motion is detected, it can also forward an alarm and image to your smartphone.

Zumimall wireless camera setup at day:

zumimall wireless camera setup at day
zumimall wireless camera setup at day

Equipped with night vision and advanced PIR motion detection, this home security camera system is exactly what you need to protect your home and family.

This battery operated security camera can see in the dark and detect motion up to 10m (32ft). It’s ideal for night/day use and starts recording to the micro SD card (Not included, up to 128GB) or paid cloud storage after detecting the motion

Zumimall Camera Installation 

zumimall wireless camera installation
zumimall wireless camera installation

What’s in the box?

1 x ZM-WFA3P Wi-Fi battery camera

1 x Outdoor Wall mount

1 x Quick User Guide

1 x Magnetic Ball holder

1x USB cable

2 x Screws Bag

2 x 3M film

Right out of the box this camera is so simple to setup I think pretty much anyone could do it at the same time it took me. From opening the manual to having video was only 12 or so minutes (yes I timed it) plus an additional 5 min to mount the base and attach the camera.

Why is the setup so fast and easy? Because you just download the phone app, enter your wifi information, the app generates a QR code, you point the camera at the code, wait for the tone and you are done. This is the easiest cam I have ever setup.

The Zumimall Wireless Camera is significantly cheaper than other similar models, easy to install, and delivers a good quality video.

zumimall camera setup
zumimall camera setup

What Customer Say

At the time of writing our review, 61% of the reviewers on Amazon have given the Zumimall Camera a 5-star rating, while 10% of the reviewers have given it a 1-star rating

Overall, users are impressed by the convenience and performance it offers. Many were impressed with the easy-to-use price and good on its budget

Customer Reviews: Check here

This camera is great! super easy set up with reliable push notifications and very clear images.

It’s great to know when someone is in the covered area if I’m not home, it’s like an alarm for the house inside or out, without the monthly fees. Really easy to understand the software and an all-around good deal for the money, will be buying more for sure!

Customer Reviews

The Verdict

Zumimall wireless camera is a great camera for the price. The picture quality is good. Night vision works. If you are looking for a decent camera with good features for an affordable price then this is the one for you.

Zumimall Security Camera is available at Amazon.com at the moment for one of the best prices.

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