Xpcam Webcam Review 2024: Perfect for remote workers

xpcam webcam review

Xpcam Webcam Review









  • Great Price
  • Sharp Picture
  • Rotatable clip


  • No Zooming Function

Do you have a crush on video gaming? Well, Xpcam streaming webcam is just for you! 1080P full HD image display on the screen, see the clear game scene and gives you an excellent immersion in the game.

Xpcam Webcam Review: Value

Xpcam webcam setup: easy to setup and use. Xpcam webcam full HD 1080p gives you a lot of flexibility to install it. Just plug it into your computer and open up the video software you want to use (Zoom/Skype/etc) and it automatically detects the platform as the video/audio source.

The cord is a little under 6 feet long and we have it resting on top of our monitor. You can manually tilt the camera up and down, but not side to side. You can fold the stand so that it will sit flat on a surface such as a table or the top of your computer tower (if you needed to get a different angle than you’d be able to get with it on top of your monitor). Above all, the best part of this webcam is plug and play. You do not have to install any software for it to work. The only thing you need to do is plugging it, and it is ready to go for video conferencing.

Especially, The privacy cover for the Xpcam webcam covers the lens when it is not in use. It is perfect to help provide security, and peace of mind to anyone, from individuals to large companies. It also helps to protect the lens from dirt and debris to ensure your video remains clear for the life of the camera. There is no indicator light on the webcam, so you can not tell if it is on or not. This is a rather important feature to be able to tell if the webcam is video and audio is on.

Xpcam 4k webcam with privacy: 

Pro streaming camera with facial enhancement technology and h264 video compression technology optimizes the image automatically, which provides you the excellent quality video

Xpcam Webcam Review: Performance 

FOV: 75 degrees | Resolution 1080p |  Framerate: 30fps 

Xpcam webcam software with 3840X2160 resolution(8,294,400 total pixels), it is exactly double the horizontal and vertical resolution of 1080p for a total of 4 times as many pixels, Equipped with high tech optics and lenses, 8-megapixel webcam delivers razor-sharp videos, record professional-quality video in stunning ultra HD, clearly see all of the details and colors that pop out on screen.

Xpcam webcam review

Couple of things that buyers need to be aware of, the camera not 4k. However, it does provide a very decent video quality. Also, the microphone is definitely a plus. Xpcam 4K webcam built-in dual noise reduction microphone, makes the sound purer and clearer, pick up your voice even at 12ft distance to make sure everyone hears the real you.

If you’re searching for a near equally performing webcam for a lower price, perhaps the Depstech 2k webcam is of interest

Xpcam webcam was tested by customer: 

Customer reviews: Check here

I have had many webcams in the past because I have a home based business and with Covid, all of my workers are also working from home so it is imperative that I have a way of communicating with them over zoom or any other platform for online business meetings. This is by far the best one that I have had and I will be buying another one because it is so great. The picture quality is great because it is in 4k which is a very rare thing to find when you are looking at webcams. It can get a clear picture all the way across the room, which is also rare, most of them only stay focused close to the actual camera. And it also has great noise reduction which is great when you have an infant in the background constantly making noise that you want to drown out the best that you can. I am very impressed with the overall quality and I would definitely purchase from this company again.

Customer Reviews


We were definitely surprised by the xpcam. The Xpcam webcam is a great product: great sound quality, clear video quality, simple install, privacy gate, quick delivery. It has all the functions of a name brand camera and more. We would also like to point out that the physical camera lens cover is a great touch. This is a high-quality product and we would highly recommend it to anyone.


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