Waschen Portable Washing Machine Review | Densors Portable Washing Machine Manual

waschen portable washing machine review

Waschen Washing Machine Review

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  • Washes well
  • Decent price
  • Holds a lot of little items
  • Has a spin dry basket


  • Spin dryer is a bit weak

The washer has a special function to help wash clothes faster drying, finished washing we can wear or fold them into the cabinet. The washing machine has a drying function that helps busy users save time without depending on the weather. The Waschen Portable washing machine carries an advanced engine that is superior to other types of washing machines. It helps clean clothes without harming the fabric, the smooth operation mechanism does not shake, making the product live longer. Let’s quickly evaluate the Waschen Mini Portable washing machine with Betacamera.


The Waschen Portable Washing Machine is 22 inches high by 14 inches wide making it small enough to put in a van, camper or even take car camping. It features a blue clear lid allowing you to monitor the water condition.

The other washers I’ve used require you to move the completed load to a separate bin to run the spin cycle but this one is integrated. It comes with a spin basket with a lid. It helps to only dry a few items at a time as the spin cycle will remove more water this way but you can spin a full load.

You can open the lid and add clothes to a cycle without it shutting off. Overall worth the money and useful addition for camping, dorms, or off grid applications.

Design of the waschen Mini portable washing machine:

Waschen Portable Washing Machine – Functionality

The Densors portable washing machine is lightweight and quiet. It is 120 volts and only consumes 200 Watts making it perfect to run of a small inverter or sola

You could still wash 4 adult-sized tops and 2 leggings in this washer with no problems. Heavier things like Jeans you will have to make smaller loads of maybe 1 pair of jeans and only 2 tops. Just because the motor in this machine does not seem to be as strong as bigger portables. The spin basket will not all of a full load in it, so you will have to run it more than once.

The spin cycle on it is a little slower than you might have expected but it does still spin enough water out of the clothing that they are not dripping.

You have two knobs on this device are one for the timer and one for the cycle. the timer knob does have a marker molded into it so that you can see how far you have turned it.

But the marker is difficult to see because it is the same color as the knob trim. It would be great if in future models this were in a contrasting color so that the user to easily see it.

The timer gives you a 15 min maximum time. The cycle knob does not seem to have any marker on it. It has a spin cycle, a wash cycle, and an off.

I wish that the Off was between the spin and wash cycles so that you could easily switch it off without it going into the other cycle for safety reasons

waschen portable washing machine setup

Waschen Portable Washing Machine Instructions

Waschen Portable Washing Machine Review:

Waschen Portable Washing Machine Review

Waschen Portable Washing Machine At Amazon for $69.99

As with any electrical device, you should never place it in the bathtub. If you need to place it near or in the bathtub for it to drain you will have to place it on top of something sturdy because the drain works by gravity.

You will want to place it next to a place that you can drain it with continuous flow. The unit does not have a way to stop the flow of water from the drain except by lifting the hose back to it’s resting position.

I ​think if I could suggest an improvement I would add a valve to stop the flow of draining water in case someone needed to drain the washer into a bucket to pour down a drain that the washer can not sit beside while in use.


How loud is it?

I dont feel its any louder that a normal washing machine. The only time I feel its loud is when it spinning if the load is uneven.

How does it dry

It doesn’t. It’s a spinner that wrings the water out and is supposed to leave it damp so all you would have to do is hang it to dry 

How is the spin ?

Spins pretty good but when you hang up the clothes they do drip. If hanging in the shower to dry, there is a significant amount of drying time. If hanging the clothes outside obviously will be somewhat different. The basket can only handle a small amount of clothes, maybe one outfit as long as not washing jeans.

What Customers Say 

At the time of writing our review, 54% of the reviewers on Amazon have given the Densors Portable Washing Machine a 5-star rating, while 10% of the reviewers have given it a 1-star rating.

Overall, users are impressed by the convenience and performance it offers. Many were impressed with the easy-to-use price and good on its budget.

Customer Reviews : Check here

We live in a 500 sqft apartment with no washer and dryer on sight. We needed something to wash, rinse, and spin off excess water before line drying. This washer and spin dryer was perfect for us. It washes just a couple of items at a time, example my workout outfit. Easy to move throughout the apartment. I use a 5 gallon bucket or our removable shower head to fill the washer. We use just a few tablespoons of detergent. After we drain the wash cycle, we refill it with fresh water and a few tablespoons of softener. Then we drain again and spin the clothes to remove excess water. I usually line dry the clothes or visit the laundromat to dry multiple loads all together. I can easily store this in the utility closet after draining all water. We definitely will be bringing this with us when we travel to campsites without laundromats.

Customer Reviews

Why Buy The Waschen Mini Portable Washing Machine

All in all, despite some improvements that this machine could have, Waschen Portable Washing Machine is still a great portable washer and reasonably priced for it’s size and functionality. Drying may take a little longer than you expect it to due to this. I think this is great for camping, and for mom’s with small children who just want to avoid having to go to the laundry mat in the middle of the week because their infant or toddler has soiled all of their clothes

The Waschen Portable Washing Machine is available at Amazon.com at the moment for one of the best prices.

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