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Wansview Webcam 101JD

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  • Great Price
  • Easy Setup
  • Decent Video Quality


  • Hard To Stream In Low Light
  • Only 30FPS

In our review, we found that while the Wansview webcam is not exactly on par with the Logitech c920 on picture quality, it still beats most of the competitors which are available on the market at the moment. For such a low-cost webcam, it brings to the consumers’ experience to have a relatively sharp image quality. If you aim at a budget webcam with a 1080P resolution, this one might be suitable for you since it does its best job.

Wansview webcam reviews: Availability 

Wansview webcam setup: easy to setup and use. Wansview webcam 101JD gives you a lot of flexibility to install it. Just plug it into your computer and open up the video software you want to use (Zoom/Skype/etc) and it automatically detects the platform as the video/audio source.

The cord is a little under 6 feet long and we have it resting on top of our monitor. You can manually tilt the camera up and down, but not side to side. You can fold the stand so that it will sit flat on a surface such as a table or the top of your computer tower (if you needed to get a different angle than you’d be able to get with it on top of your monitor).

Above all, the best part of this webcam is plug and play. You do not have to install any software for it to work. The only thing you need to do is plugging it, and it is ready to go for video conferencing.

 Wansview webcam setup: 

Professional as this webcam is, the compatibility of it is super wide for major software like Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Facebook, YouTube, PotPlayer, and more. Windows XP/2000/7/8/10, Mac OS, Android Smart TV, etc is able to support for the webcam, which is an alternative for your computer’s in daily life.

Image Quality and Sound:

FOV: 90 degrees | Resolution 1080p |  Framerate: 30fps

Wansview webcam 101JD utilizes the Enhanced CMOS image sensor to deliver a 1080P High Definition Image and video, offering a crystal clear image quality for video calls, conferences, online classes, gaming, etc. With the wide 90° view angle and the advanced H.264 video compression technology, this 1080P desktop.

Wansview webcam 1080P can show things wider and smoother. This camera is great if you are a fan of leveraging Zoom’s Virtual Background feature. The reason for this is that your personal image does not overwhelm the background as it is half the size that a laptop’s webcam image is. In this fashion, your transmitted image in Zoom is more focused on the background image than your image.

This is a great feature as you can include the virtual background as part of a presentation or stress something you want to say. In this fashion, your transmitted image in Zoom is more focused on the background image than your image. This is a great feature as you can include the virtual background as part of a presentation or stress something you want to say.

Wansview webcam setup & test: 

Wansview webcam setup

3D Denoising Wansview webcam 1080p with microphone: Built-in 8m omnidirectional sound absorption, and noise reduction microphone, pick up your voice, and filter out background noise automatically, enabling you to enjoy a clearer voice for hassle-free communication.

If you are looking to use this webcam for streaming, you might want a webcam with a better-quality image. With currently reduced price webcam is a good choice. But if you’re prepared to spend more, the NexiGo 60FPS Webcam offers the same specs as the Wansview webcam 30FPS and more. 

Customer reviews: Check Here

Since we seem to be constantly video conferencing due to the covid virus, I decided it was time to upgrade my webcam. I am thrilled with this new one. Although my old one was reasonably good, this Wansview model has a major advantage. It has an adjustable focus lens. You just turn the lens housing and you can really focus on the subject. I can count the individual hairs on my head, at least those that are left, on the screen. The resolution is fantastic, and the field of view is 16:9, so it fills my monitor. Color saturation is excellent. The built-in mike seems clear to others. All in all a perfect solution to the new videoconferencing age.

Customer review

The wansview webcam amazon to experienced by customer:


Buy It If:

You want a good, reasonable webcam

With no setting up for an affordable webcam, this is a webcam for the computer you should choose. It works immediately with all video apps

You want to be able to focus on your image

If you want to get close or further from the camera, no problem to be in focus. The webcam can be adjusted up and down to make sure that gives you a perfect angle. That gives the webcam some much-needed edge

You want a clear mic

The built-in microphone automatically filters out background noise so that everything sounds crystal clear.

However, since every product has its own drawback, we recommend checking out another product if:

You want a fast webcam

A camera that offers 60 FPS might be more up to your standards, especially if you plan on using it for any type of streaming.

You want your own mic.

The mic is excellent, but depending on your mic needs. You may prefer to have a separate microphone for easy tuning for a particular purpose. 

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