Vitade 960A Review 2024: Better Than Logitech C920

vitade 960a review

Vitade 960A Review

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  • Great Price
  • Dual-stereo mic for better audio quality
  • Built-in ring light with 3 brightness levels


  • No software for customisation

When starting game streaming or career on Twitch, Youtube, or Facebook, everybody goes with Logitech C920, but there are better ones and especially more affordable out there. As a camera lover, after experiencing many brands of cameras, I’m sure that Vitade 960A webcam will not let you down, which has all the great features that you need, and it’s also the best-seller on the market these days. 

Unboxing the Vitade webcam:

When I opened the box, the packaging was so simple which made it hard to believe whether the quality would be good. But after I tried it on my laptop and made a FaceTime with my friend, the camera pixel definition on it surprised me. It was nearly the same result as my iPhone 11. So I should say don’t just look at the design and package, quality is the most important.

Vitade 960A Review: Value

Vitade webcam setup : Quick and easy setup in 5 minutes. Compatible with Windows 7 8 10, Mac OS 10.6 and above. Supports Chrome OS, Android 5.0, or higher. Tripod-ready universal clip fits all laptops, Mac, LCD, or monitors.

The Vitade Webcam offers several features and a built-in ring-light adjustable in 3 brightness with touch control and facial-enhancement technology optimizes the image automatically and enables your video streaming to look more professional. But the button to toggle the light button is very close to the lens risking finger smudges on the lens

Vitade 960A review & setup: 

The camera video uses Advanced H.264 encoding compresses a digital video file so that it only occupies half the space of MPEG to deliver the same quality video. Enjoy stunning HD video with impressive video performance and faster transmission speed

Vitade 960A Review: Performance 

FOV: 80 degrees | Resolution 1080p |  Framerate: 30fps

The Vitade camera comes with an 80° wide-angle lens that captures high definition image and video at 1080p/30fps. Perfect for streaming on Xbox Skype Twitch YouTube and gaming. A real-time autofocus feature ensures that all details are captured and your face is always in focus.

The Vitade webcam review : 

Vitade 960A Review

Vitade webcam software: Built-in stereo microphone, capturing audio within 20 feet, makes your communication clear during video time. Noise-cancelling makes your communication like a face-to face-talking

Quick note: its microphone is sufficient, but I would recommend a headset or lapel mic if you’re trying to do anything even semi-professional. You can get some really good lapel mics online for around $20 if you do some searching and that will greatly improve any video you’re shooting. You can also try out the Nexigo webcam 60FPS

The Vitade webcam 960A was tested by customer: 

Customer Reviews: Check here

I got this for my 12-year-old son so he could live stream and discuss Roblox. He has a computer, but his monitor is a TV so it obviously doesn’t have a webcam. He was able to set this up in minutes, and he has had it for a few months and it works great. I like the fact it is so small and lightweight, he is able to move it freely. Built-in webcams you are unable to do this without moving the monitor, which is difficult to do. For under $60 we had absolutely no complaints. The picture quality is great too! He really loves this.

Customer Reviews


If this were a $200-$300 Logitech webcam, I would expect amazing audio, video, color, and total control over everything, but I just got this one because I need a basic camera with good audio and decent video at an affordable price. Overall, Vitade 960A is a good bargain, quality one at a silly price!

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