Vantop H612T 12” 4K Mirror Dash Cam Review

vantop h612t dash cam review

Vantop H612T Dash Cam Review

SALE 45%





Camera Quality



  • Front 4k / Rear 1080p or Front 2k + Rear 2k Video
  • Lock Video Recording
  • Easy to install, only minor skills needed to make it look like a professional installation
  • Voice controls
  • Time-lapse Mode


  • Only 30FPS video frame rates
  • Memory card is difficult to get in and out of the mirror due to it being mounted on the top side of the mirror

Vantop H612T mirror dash cam works incredibly well and at this price is a steal compared to other 4K dual-camera systems. Excellent picture quality from both cameras, quick and responsive, discrete, and extremely easy to use UI. Great build quality too, so that makes us feel more confident this will last for years. Take a look at our Vantop H612T review to learn about its other features.


The Vantop H612T 12″ 4k mirror dash cam has a nice design that fits right over your dash mirror. The package came with rubber secure bands and it might take some adjustment for individual users.

The nice wide screen is clear. You can turn it off and on the camera using a regular driver mirror or with the camera.

Vantop H612T Review: Camera Quality

Camera Quality

Features ultra HD 4K front cam and 1080P rear cam (or 1440P dual cams). 4K makes an incredible difference from other resolutions in capturing details from distance. 8MP Sony STARVIS sensor IMX415 on the front camera enhances night vision efficiently to provide sharp night time video.

It seems to have different built-in exposure and color settings. We suspect the rear camera’s sensor is significantly smaller, resulting in grainier footage even when recording at 2k.

A little heads up the resolution (4k, 2k, 1080, etc.) you’re being sold is the frame size of the output file. What determines the ultimate legibility and clarity of the image is the camera’s sensor, so a “1080” sensor spitting out 2k footage may look good when down-sized to 1080, but less so at 2k because the camera is essentially “stretching” pixels to fit that frame size. 

Night Vision

8MP Sony STARVIS sensor IMX415 on the front camera enhances night vision efficiently to provide sharp night time video.

This is where the difference is most apparent between the front and rear cameras. The front camera does a great job of working with available light and maintaining a steady exposure even when facing a car with brights on. However, the rear camera struggles to maintain clarity and exposure while driving at night

Note that neither of the cameras has “true night vision.” They aren’t assisted with IR lights of the type you see on security cameras or “night vision” cameras, and they can’t “see in the dark” or create their own light.

The marketing term “night vision” for most dash cams is actually selling you “auto exposure” settings. That is, being able to see as much as possible as clearly as possible with as little light as possible.

Vantop H612T Review: Performance

Touch Screen

12” full touch screen captures more view on the road and brings better visual experience compared with 10” screen. The screen is responsive to touch without having to hard-press. You can control the angle of the camera with slides of the finger up and down. I was very impressed with how responsive the touch screen is.

vantop h612t monitor

Voice Control Features

Access to basic functions using simple voice commands. Voice control paired with Vantop H612T Mirror dash cam provides maximum convenience, giving the need for hands-free access while driving, offering you a safe, comfortable driving environment.

G-Sensor And Parking Mode

The Vantop H612T 12 4K Mirror Dash Cam also comes with a decent built-in G-sensor. With a built-in G-sensor, the Kingslim dashboard camera can automatically detect a sudden shake/collision and lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten even in loop recording. An accident scene can be truly restored.

Vantop H612T Mirror Dash Cam also employs loop recording, meaning that it is constantly recording, but splits up the recording in one-, three- or five-minute chunks for review.

A built-in parking mode feature allows the Kingslim D4 to monitor your car’s surrounding for 24 hours.


Memory: Supports 256GB (not included) Class 10 memory card. It deletes old clips and saves the newest clips so you don’t need to worry about getting the SD card being full all the time.

Sandisk 256GB At Amazon For $29.99

Vantop H612T Manual

Vantop H612T Manual & Review

Customer Review: Check Here

Final Verdict

Overall, the Vantop H612T 12 4K Mirror Dash Cam included every feature you were looking for at a cheap price. We do highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their tech in their car, as well as improve the safety of their driving. The ability to record front and rear is a blessing. The ability to reduce blind spots is also amazing. The price you’re paying for this is far below the actual value of the product.

Vantop H612T Mirror Dash Cam is available at at the moment for one of the best prices.

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