Unzano Webcam Review 2024: Great Webcam for under $50

unzano webcam review

Unzano Webcam Review

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  • Great Price
  • Sharp Picture
  • Rotatable clip


  • No Software For Customisation

Unzano webcam has made things much simpler in terms of business but has been useful for other activities as well. It features 1920 by 1080-pixel resolution with 60 fps for the refresh rate making it one of great clarity in the visual department. It captures movement just fine and I do not have to worry about the whole blurred motion thing that comes with certain cameras that simply cannot keep up.

Unzano Webcam Review: Design 

Starting with the quality of the camera itself, the unit is well built and sturdy. The frame is a nice, sleek carbon plastic in all black.

The convenient foldable design allows you to easily take it anywhere, with dimensions of 4.61 x 4.57 x 2.72 inches and of much better build quality than the Depstech Webcam. Just plug it in and you are ready to go! The mounting clip can be flexibly placed on any desktop / monitor/ laptop / Chromebook / PC / smart TV / tripod

Design of the Unzano USB Webcam: 

Unzano USB Webcam Review: Value

 Easy to install and use is again a strong point of this webcam. You do not need additional installation of drivers or any other unzano webcam software with this product, for that, I am certainly grateful. It saves time and space on my computer. 

I have already used this webcam to stream online via my Xbox one, zoom call, FaceTime, recording HD videos, and taking pics in photo both. It has handled everything I have thrown at it and the quality truly exceeds anything I was expecting in this price

Unzano webcam setup with the computer: 

The product page doesn’t mention it but you can use a tripod with this one as it has a hole in the bottom for Unzano USB webcam

Unzano USB Webcam Review: Performance

FOV: 80 degrees | Resolution 1080p |  Framerate: 60fps 

The Unzano Webcam resolution up to 1080p support at 30fps.

In terms of image quality, this webcam is pretty decent. Auto-focus works great. Very crisp pictures. I tried it in a low-light environment but it performed very well. 60fps is definitely the cherry on top because I really wanted smooth videos. which I wasn’t getting with Logitech C920. The white balance I feel is on the warm side compared to C920 but I actually like it.

The lens also features a 360-degree rotation with an 80-degree wide distortion-free angle.

Unzano USB webcam review & test: 

Unzano Webcam At Amazon For $49.97

Now in terms of audio, the microphone is just as clear and concise as the camera. The dual noise-canceling function ensures that only my voice is picked up and background noises are filtered out completely. It is an 8m omnidirectional microphone that absorbs sound allowing a distraction-free and flawless video.

Unzano webcam was tested by the customer: 

unzano webcam was tested by the customer
unzano webcam was tested by the customer

Customer reviews: Check here

Yea this is an excellent webcam and well worth the price. I wasn’t really looking to spend this much initially, but I’m glad I chose this one because it functions extremely well. It’s plug and play, for starters. Just plug it in and voila. Another good feature is the dual mics. I’m often moving around for some demonstrations during my online work meetings, and the 2 mics ensure that my voice is never lost or clouded. The 60 frames per second really does make a difference – the video people see is stellar.

Customer Reviews


Overall, this is a great webcam at a great price. If you are considering buying an expensive name brand webcam, you should give this one a try because it works like one of those expensive webcams without the big price tag.

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