Toguard H20 Trail Camera Review 2024: Great Budget Camera

toguard h20 trail camera review

Toguard H20 Review

SALE 45%








  • Upgraded16MP camera
  • Small size
  • Wide detection angle
  • Fast trigger speed


  • Low Glow Flash

We just received the TOGUARD H20 Trail Camera. What an incredible device. The Toguard H20 Mini has all the functions of a larger camera at less than half the price and footprint.
We have attached a size comparison photo of the TOGUARD H20 next to the Campark T70. Both are great cameras. The still picture quality of the H20 is excellent and the motion video is of equal quality.

Toguard H20 Review: Design 

The first thing one notices when getting the TOGUARD H20 Mini Trail Camera is that it is much smaller and compact than other Trail Cams.

The color of the Toguard H20 digital wildlife camera is also really cool looking. It is a dark green camouflage color and it blends in really well with the woods so we don’t think you should have an issue with someone noticing it.

The Toguard H20 trail camera is light and plastic. It feels a bit like a toy, but the housing is designed to take a beating just like a toy. In our opinion, it’s clever to make it out of tough plastic like this. The housing clamps shut and keeps moisture out. We had no problems keeping it in our backyard during the recent rain.

Design of the Toguard H20 trail camera : 

We think our favorite part is that it comes with a strap to allow you to wrap it around a tree or pole. Having 2 different threaded camera mounts really makes it easy to mount and get the shot you need. You can also use standard action camera accessories and tripods that are compatible with standard screw mounts.

Toguard H20 trail camera manual: 

Another nice feature is a mounting bracket for a permanent installation which would be useful for home security monitoring applications. We triggered on ourselves many times walking around so we are sure it would be good for monitoring trespassing and suspicious activity at least 50 to 75 feet away.

Toguard H20 trail camera setup and test: 

Toguard H20 Review: Camera And Availability

The Toguard H20 digital wildlife camera comes in a 16MP and supports a full HD 1080p video. It also has an adjustable shutter speed with settings of 1/15,1/20,1/30. The field of view is 120 degrees.

It is our observation that the motion sensitivity range exceeds the specification. Most of our motion triggers are at 60 to 100 feet. The camera also performs well at the specified motion trigger range. The camera captures good clear images and video on sunny days but the sensor struggles in lower light.

Toguard H20 trail camera setup at day

The Toguard  Trail Camera H20 is equipped with night vision. With a fully automatic IR filter, this hunting camera capture shots of animals’ natural behaviors by using infrared flash illumination technology equipped with 32pcs LEDs. Trigger distance up to 20m

Toguard H20 trail camera setup at night: 

The screen is fairly small and hard to see, but it’s also a very concealable camera so there’s not much of a choice there.

Toguard H20 camera will not allow you to watch the videos on your cell phone. You have to watch them on this tiny LCD screen included or take the card all the way back to the house and put it in your laptop to watch the videos

Another option is the Campark T45 trail camera, which you can buy for $75 for up to 40% sale on amazon, and offers similar specs

Toguard H20 Review: Battery and SD card

To get the Toguard trail camera H20 to work you are going to need to have an SD card and 4x AA batteries. Let us first say that if you want your camera to last do not rely on alkaline batteries. They will eventually leak and ruin your camera. Spend a little money on a 6v rechargeable setup if this is something you expect to use frequently or at least get some quality rechargeable AA batteries

SD Card At Amazon For  $7.95

Toguard H20 Review: User reviews

 Toguard H20 Trail Camera Manual & Setup

Very easy to use right out of the box. I would suggest reading the manual first to get the most out of the unit. It’s an easy read and straightforward. Set up is easy and if your eyesight isn’t that great make sure you have your cheaters ready due to the small print on the set up buttons. Unit is compact and takes clear pictures day and night (see actual photos). Unit doesn’t come with SD card or 4AA batteries. I used a SanDisk SDHC card 8GB and it holds over 2800 photos at the 12mp setting or 30min. video. Unit also has a 2″ viewable screen so you can preview any images it has caught. A real bargain at this price. My prior trail camera was more than twice the cost of this one, used double the batteries and the pictures weren’t as good as on this unit.

Customer reviews


You aren’t going to get super high-definition footage from these cameras at this price point, but honestly, if you need that this is probably not the type of camera for your usage. For the money, it is pretty good for general wildlife use and with this one being smaller, it is a bit more versatile. Just note that it doesn’t come with batteries or an SD card, but we don’t think many wildlife cameras like this do. Good thing both are inexpensive.

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