Toguard CE70 Review | Toguard 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam Test

toguard ce70 review

Toguard CE70 Review

SALE 35%





Camera Quality



  • Hd quality so you will get clear video
  • Voice assistant
  • Include back camera
  • Video includes speed


  • Only 128 gb memory card can be install wish its comes with with 1tb system.
  • Somewhat short rear camera cable to SUV users
  • Speed always run late then actual.

Out of the five different models I have installed, the Toguard CE70 is the best value and features. With the current coupon of $20 off it made this camera the best price in it’s class, consider the voice control, GPS, and 12-inch screen.

Toguard CE70 Review: Design 

This product is definitely worth purchasing. The image and video are so clear (it looks much better in reality than in photo above) that the product can work not only as a dash camera, but also an electronic rear mirror which largely improves driving safety by expanding the rear view.

Design of the Toguard CE70:

The touch screen is a useful feature that provides lots of conveniences so I immediately decided to throw my old dash camera away, which only supports button operation.

Toguard CE70 Review: Camera Quality

The Toguard CE70 will automatically start recording when you start the car’s engine. This happens even when the camera is turned off. Toguard 2.5k mirror dash cam equipped with high resolution 2.5K (2560*1440p) front camera and 1080P (1920*1080p) rear camera.

Day Time Image Sample:

Day Time Image Sample
Day Time Image Sample

The display quality and the video output of both the front and rearview camera really sealed my decision on this mirror dashcam. The rearview camera is impressive as it is true 1080P and you should be able to see the license plate of vehicles behind you during the night.

Night Time Image Sample:

Night Time Image Sample
Night Time Image Sample

Once everything is integrated it is easy to change settings. With a single click, you can change from front camera to back camera or both together. It also comes up a GPS module which adds location details to your recorded videos. The best part of the camera is it’s wide-angled and covers a lot of scenery. I was enjoying the drive looking through the front camera rather than my windshield

Toguard CE70 Review: Performance

This Toguard 2.5K mirror dash cam with Sony IMX335 starvis sensor and 6 glass fixed-focus lens. Loop recording will overwrite the earliest unlocked footage in case the SD card is full. With a built-in G sensor, the mirror dash cam will lock emergency video in the event of an accident to prevent being overwritten.

Triggered by a parking monitor, the Toguard CE70  will automatically turn on and take 20s footage when detecting a collision

Toguard CE70 manual:

toguard ce70 manual
toguard ce70 manual

The voice command of this mirror dash cam is the best feature than other dash cameras. No need for extra wiring to trigger the backup camera, you just give it a voice command. You talk, it listens, which works flawlessly and makes it easy and quick to operate, like turn on/off-screen, lock video, start/stop recording, switch cameras, etc. You can keep your hands on the steering wheel and directly activate the desired function without navigate any menu

Toguard CE70 Manual & Review

Toguard CE70 Manual & Review

Memory: Supports 128GB (Not included) Class 10 memory card. It deletes old clips and saves the newest clips so you don’t need to worry about getting the SD card being full all the time.

Sandisk 128GB At Amazon For $15

The software was intuitive! When you read the microSD on the computer, you’ll run into two folders. The first one contains front camera videos and the second one has rear camera videos. They’re recorded separately

Toguard CE70 Installation:

After taking a good look at what path my new wires had to take, I decided to begin by attaching the main unit (rearview mirror) over my vehicles OEM mirror and assemble all the components to make sure that everything worked as expected.

Now, before you go removing the clear plastic protective covers off your mirror and lenses. I suggest you wait until after you’ve completed your installation! Study the main unit so that you become familiar with the location of the on/off switch (centrally located on the bottom of the unit), the power port(Mini USB), rear camera port, mini memory card slot, and GPS port.

Attaching the main unit over your OEM mirror required only (2) of the supplied silicone bands (4 was provided). The silicone bands stretched to accommodate even the thickest OEM mirrors, and mine had plenty of room. I centered the unit but provided enough clearance for the front lens as I adjusted the tightness of the silicone bands.

I then attached all the necessary wiring harnesses, the power cord, rear camera cord as well as the GPS unit. I loosely placed the rear camera at the rear of my wagon. The GPS transponder unit has a built-in cable that was way more than adequate, (a little bit too long for my taste), as 5 to 10″ of length would have been enough to reach the front of most windshields. The GPS transponder came with a pre-attached adhesive for ease of installation. Now, with everything pre-assembled, it was time to plug the power cord!

Final Verdict

Overall, The Toguard CE70 is a very impressive dual dashcam, I highly recommend it for anyone wanting a good dashcam for a great price, good features, and excellent quality!

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