Toguard CE41 Review | Toguard CE41 Setup

toguard ce41 review

Toguard CE41 Review

SALE 65%





Video Quality



  • Economical option for Ubers and taxis
  • Good low-light performance
  • Records view through rear window


  • Compatible only with small memory cards
  • Updated model available

I love these Toguard car cameras. Toguard CE41 is my third or fourth camera for my multiple cars and I think they are some of the best products for the price. This one I got for under $60 with the coupon code! It’s a must-have for all cars in case of any accidents and disputes! This one is a dual camera with one for the road and another pointing at the interior.

Toguard CE41 Review: Design 

A pretty good dash cam. Toguard Ce41 is fairly light but the built quality actually feels solid doesn’t have the cheap plastic feel. I like the slim horizontal design better than the square design the hangs down and blocks more of your view.

Design of the Toguard CE41 dash camera: 

The Toguard CE41 Dash Camera has a 1.5″ screen and is a medium sized at 112 mm x 38 mm x 40mm.

 The 170° wide-angle front lens and 140° cabin lens capture the whole road in front of you from the edges of your windscreen and simultaneously record what is happening inside the cabin.

Toguard CE41 Review: Video Quality

Video Recording

You can record in 1080P resolution with only the front-facing camera, 1080P at 30 frames/Sec for both front and rear cameras at the same time, or 720P at 30 fps for the rear camera only. The video is a very clear high resolution and covers both the interior and exterior of the car.

Day Time Image Sample:

Day Time Image Sample
Day Time Image Sample

Night Vision

The interior facing camera with 4 infrared LED lights and an F/1.8 aperture can handle low light conditions and ensure flawless video footage even when the passenger cabin is dark at night. Equipped with HDR technology, the front camera provides great exposure and dynamic range in low light conditions.

Toguard CE41 Setup & Review:

 Toguard CE41 Review: Performance

G-Sensor And Parking Mode

 Combined with G-sensor (built-in acceleration collision sensor), the dash cam front and inside will lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten when it detects a sudden shake/collision, which can be used as evidence and insurance claims during car accidents.

Combined with a parking monitor, the dashcam will automatically power on and start recording when it detects external force, providing you with security every moment.

The Toguard CE41 Dash Camera does not come with GPS or WiFi.


Memory: Supports 32GB Class 10 memory card. It deletes old clips and saves the newest clips so you don’t need to worry about getting the SD card being full all the time.

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Toguard CE41 Manual

As per the manual, the setup installation of the dam cam is very simple and straightforward. The wire/cable is routed inside the headliner and behind the A-pillar trim panel, then to the DC output under the console.

It uses a suction cup to adhere the camera to the windshield and slide a lever to lock the suction cup. Once it is locked, the camera adheres to the windshield securely.

The suction cup is very strong and stable, there is no excessive vibration in the video when you playback. The power cable is extremely long and even came with adhesive hooks to secure the cable.

Toguard CE41 Setup:

Final Verdict

Overall, The camera quality is great and very clear with optimal lighting. The night vision occasional lacks in terms of clarity depending on the lighting but I hope its something that can get fixed through a software update.

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