The Apeman C450 Dash cam is only 40$

apeman c450 dash cam review

Apeman C450 Dash Cam Review

SALE 35%





Camera Quality



  • Good price-tag
  • Suitable size and design
  • Wide-angle of view
  • Decent video quality


  • Doesn’t include Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Battery-powered

Over the last few years, we have purchased 4 dash cams of 2 different brands. One brand was complete junk. The second brand was OK but it was over $100 and not near as good as the Apeman. Apeman C450 Dash cam is one of the apeman’s best-selling products. For that reason, we’ll take a detailed look in our Apeman C450 review and summary of functions and features.

Apeman C450 Dash Cam Review: Design 

The Apeman C450 dash camera was very neatly packaged. Very slink design with the black matte finish. No over-complicated glossy design, this is what a dash camera should look like.

design of the apeman c450 dash cam
Design of the apeman c450 dash cam

Build quality is fine, it’s plastic but it’s sturdy and it really doesn’t need to be much tougher since you will barely ever touch it.

It has a nice 3′ inch display screen, it’s not a touch screen but it’s nice to have a big screen to navigate the menus. The screen is big, and it does capture a wide picture onto a micro SD card you can just take out and put in your computer if you need the footage

Design of the apeman dash cam C450:

Apeman C450 Manual

The nicely packaged box contains the camera, suction mount, adhesive mount, power cord, USB cord to connect camera to computer, a plastic tool to assist in mounting the power cord in the headliner and door pillar, and an instruction manual. A micro SD card is not included

The suction cup sticks firmly on your windshield via a simple locking knob, and once it’s attached, it’s not going anywhere. Be sure to turn the locking knob to the right to secure the mount

Perform the camera settings before you insert the memory card. The memory card should be formatted in the camera. Turn on the camera, select format on the menu, select ok, insert the memory card and select ok. Push the menu button to exit the settings. This camera does not connect to a cell phone app. To download videos you will have to remove the memory card or remove the camera and connect the camera to your computer with the included USB cable.

Apeman Dash Cam C450 does have a Parking Guard option which can be turned on thru the menu system. If on, the camera will automatically record when it detects car vibration when the car is parked. This option requires that the camera must be connected to a power source that is always on.

Apeman C450 Dash Cam Review: Camera Quality

In terms of video quality, it’s no Hollywood movie camera but it’s definitely more than what you’ll need in court to prove your case. The Apeman dash cam C450 will automatically start recording when you start the car’s engine. This happens even when the camera is turned off. Simultaneous recording with Super High-Resolution 1080P and 30FPS Full HD Lens. 

Day Time Image Sample:

Day Time Image Sample
Day Time Image Sample

Apeman C450 car driving recorder employs 170° super wide-angle lens. Ultra-wide field of view reduces the blind spots and captures more details, to reserve the real scene

Apeman C450 dash cam review:

Apeman C450 dash cam review

Night Vision:

No, the Apeman C450 dash cam is not a great night-time camera but It does have a feature that automatically adjusts the contrast to allow clear video with minimal light present. When you drive at night it will beep and will show a headlight symbol. That is the camera switching into the low light mode

Also, FYI the blue blinking light means that it is recording and the red light means the battery is charging

Night Time Image Sample: 

 Night Time Image Sample
Night Time Image Sample

Apeman C450 Dash Cam Review: Performance 

The Apeman dash cam C450 also comes with a decent built-in G-sensor. With a built-in G-sensor, the Apeman dashboard camera can automatically detect a sudden shake/collision and lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten even in loop recording. Accident scene can be truly restored

Apeman C450 dashcam also employs loop recording, meaning that it is constantly recording, but splits up the recording in one-, three- or five-minute chunks for review.

Memory: Supports 32GB Class 10 memory card. It deletes old clips and saves the newest clips so you don’t need to worry about getting the SD card being full all the time.

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Like most of these cameras, the unit is not made for use on the battery. It has to be hooked up to the power adapter because the battery life is measured in seconds. This seemed to be true on all of the cameras we’ve had.

One other thing to note is there is no wifi connection, so you have to take out the micro SD card or plug your camera into the computer to transfer them

Final Verdict

Overall for the price, We feel like this isn’t a bad camera, however, it’s not a high-end camera by any means, From this Apeman dash cam review, it is evident that the C450 is a great tool for recording everyday activity on the road.

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