Super Deal Portable Compact Washing Machine Review 2024

super deal portable compact washing machine review

Super Deal Portable Compact Washing Machine

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Efficient Washing & Drying



  • Washing and drying clothes simultaneously saves a lot of time CONS
  • It’s rather lightweight and easy to transport
  • The washer and the spinner operate via independent motors


  • The instructions can be improved. Some users had a hard time understanding the translation.

The washer (washing machine with drying function) will help you eliminate the worry of clothes not drying due to drizzly, wet weather. Super Deal Portable Compact washing machine carries an advanced engine that is superior to other types of washing machines. It helps clean clothes without harming the fabric, the smooth operation mechanism does not shake, making the product life longer. Let’s quickly evaluate the Super Deal Portable Washing machine with Betacamera.


The plastic body ensures this machine will never be rust eaten. Always quiet, neat, and clean. Measuring 23 x 13.5 x 26 inches, the size is great and fits in your cabinet space perfectly. As you can see in the pictures, the machine features a white and black color scheme and the construction is sleek and good-looking.

Super Deal Portable Compact Washing Machine – Functionality

With the Twin Tub dual function design, Super Deal portable compact washing machine can save your precious time by washing and spinning dry loads at the same time. You can move clothes directly from the washer to the spinner – or run both sides together to finish your laundry.

functions of the super deal portable compact washing machine
functions of the super deal portable compact washing machine

The Super Deal portable washer can still take large loads and have them cleaned for you in record time. With a wash cycle of 15 minutes and spin cycles on 5-minute increments, and fit up to 8lbs of laundry in at one time

The dry spinning part of the machine is half the size of the washer, so unless you’re okay with wringing out larger items, don’t wash them in this. This also means that you’ll have to spin items a little at a time before you can start a new batch

Super Deal portable compact mini tub washing machine works pretty well but it’s only about 1/4 to 1/3 the size of a double load machine in the laundromat so you’re going to have to do several loads.

Plus I noticed that it tends to overheat after running few times and won’t work, so you have to basically wait until the motor cools down before you can start washing your clothes again.

My only suggestion when using yours (if you buy one), is the built-in drain pump will get rid of about 99.5% of the waste water. I’d suggest raising your machine slightly off the ground so that the drain hose is completely beneath the machine, then gravity will assist the pump in removing the remaining waste water.

That’s what I did and it worked perfectly. Then I just used my bucket again to fill it up to rinse the clothes, and once they were rinsed, I squeezed them out a bit and put them in the spinner

Super Deal Portable Washing Machine Setup:

super deal portable compact washing machine setup
super deal portable compact washing machine setup

How To Use Portable Washing Machine

Super Deal Portable Washing Machine At Amazon

Put on a leveled surface. Place in clothes. Either dump in water or connect intake pipe. The left intake pipe is for the washer. The right is for the spin cycle. (Don’t use water during the spin cycle. Tried it, it defeats the purpose.)

When attaching the intake pipe, push down with medium force to ensure it goes on correctly. Take note that the water is not supposed to be too hot or it will “damage equipment”.

Add soap after water is full and set the wash cycle. The middle nob will say standard on top (normal wash), soft on the left (delicate wash), and drain on the right (drain out water).

Put on standard and set the left timer. The timer starts the wash cycle. Start the timer and watch it work. Once finished put drain hose in bucket or bathtub and switch middle nob to drain. The water will drain out. To really get the soap out, wash clothes a second time with just water.

Put a few clothes in the spin dryer and fit the plastic disk on top of the clothes, inside the spin dryer. Close both lids. (They will not spin if the first black lid is open.

Set the left timer nob and it will start spinning immediately. Do not fill too much. If there is a loud thunking noise and it lasts more than a few seconds, it has too many clothes in it. Then the clothes will be dry enough to hang dry for the day or dry in a portable dryer.


How do I maintain this Super Deal Portable Compact Washing Machine?

Like any other washing machine, this machine requires a deep cleaning. Over time, soap residues and mould begin accumulating inside the machine. This makes the machine look untidy and harbour unpleasant odour.
For proper maintenance routine, you should clean your washing machines at least once every 2 to 3 months.
To do a deep cleaning, run a full cycle of a mixture of hot water and white in the machine first, then follow this with another cycle with baking soda so that the remnants of vinegar are neutralized.

Can i use hot water in this machine?

You can, but don’t use the intake tube. Best to use a bucket or a garden watering spout can, fill it up and pour into the washer.

Can you wash jeans in this machine and if so how many?

Absolutely! It can handle 8-9 lbs. You can wash 5 to 6 shirts and pants. Or numerous smaller articles. 4-6 pairs of jeans would be no problem.

Does the spin cycle rinse and spin or just spin?

It only spins. The manual recommends washing, spinning, rinsing (using the wash cycle but without detergent) and then spinning again. Depending on the detergent, I’m finding that my clothes come out softer without a rinse and second spin (I’ve been using a few drops of Dr. Bronner’s). You have to manually move the clothes between wash and spin. It’s a little labor-intensive, but I really like the machine on the whole.

Customer Reviews: Check here

I love this little washer. I do not now how long it will last but I have already done over a dozen mini loads in the past week. I use my hand held shower sprayer to fill it, the filling hose didn’t work for me but the sprayer works well and it also helps me tremendously when rinsing out the soap residue between wash and rinse cycles. I had to use a little trial and error to figure out how to use the washer. It didn’t come with any instructions but I did find a user video on line that seems like it’s accurate. I also didn’t know how much detergent to use and how long to wring clothes so that they didn’t come out super dry and very wrinkled.. Yes, it wrings the clothes dry that well! But I think I’ve gotten the hang of it now. Its perfect for this one person household at least for summer weight clothing. I sit it on an elevated pedestal (a fitness step about 4-5 inches high) in my shower when I’m using it. This keeps the unit from sitting in the drain water and allows the drain hose to drain well. I run the electric cord up over the shower stall door and connect it to a heavy duty three prong extension cord. That way there is no risk of the cord getting wet. I don’t know how this perform with heavier weight winter clothes but for now I’m happy with this mini washer!

Customer reviews

Why Should You Buy The Super Deal Portable Compact Washing Machine  

The Super Deal Portable Compact washing machine is super small but it’s also strong and reliable. It offers premium features that you’d only get with full-size washing machines, without having to pay a premium price. It’s not heavy at all. Please make sure to buy an extension cord because the cord is only two feet long I believe super short.

You can check the current price here

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