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Raleno webcam c30 review

Raleno Webcam C30 Review

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  • Great Price
  • Dual-stereo mic for better audio quality
  • Rotatable clip


  • Average picture quality
  • Lack of brand recognition

While many laptops and PC screens have selfie-positioned cameras for web video use, they are rarely high quality, and you may be well aware that they aren’t up to your job or streaming. This is where a webcam, built to the task, can make a big difference. It’s an affordable option to have the Raleno webcam C30.

Unboxing the Raleno webcam Amazon:

Raleno Webcam Review: Value

Raleno webcam setup:  easy to setup and use. Raleno webcam Amazon moreover, gives you a lot of flexibility to position it. For instance, the USB cable that connects it to your computer is long, so it can easily reach your computer. Above all, the best part of this webcam is plug and play. You do not have to install any software for it to work. The only thing you need to do is plugging it, and it is ready to go for video conferencing

You have to switch your input when you use the zoom or other chat programs, but other than that super easy. Raleno webcam setup sits flat on a table or box, you can twist it onto a tripod, or you can clip it to your computer. There’s a nice rubberized surface on the inside of the slip so it won’t slip or damage your computer

Raleno webcam setup with the computer & tripod:

 Raleno webcam 1080P Work on most social media platforms, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts and FaceTime for Mac, etc. Compatible with Windows7, Windows XP2, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, MAC OS10.6 or updated version, Chrome OS, and Android V5.0

Raleno Webcam Review: Performance 

FOV: 80 degrees | Resolution 1080p |  Framerate: 30fps

The Raleno webcam software resolution up to 1080p support at 30fps. The field of view is 80 degrees. This means you will appear smaller in the frame but you will see more of what behind you. It is slightly pixelated when expanded too far in the edit, but you shouldn’t have to expand it anyway since it has a very wide field of view. It’s not blurry at all nor is it pixelated when kept at the right aspect ratio. 

Raleno webcam C30 review: 

The biggest drawback to the camera is the exposure which can be too high depending on the room lighting. We wish It had software to control the color and brightness, that’s where Logitech excels. 

Raleno webcam with microphone: Built-in double noise reduction microphone, which can automatically cancel background noise and clearly capture sound within 8 meters. It is the best choice for video calling, conferencing, online teaching, and so on

Raleno webcam 1080P was tested by customer: 

Picture quality and audio quality has always been great on this model, and we like how it doesn’t have any shiny LED or lights that distract you while using it.

Customer reviews: Check here

I ordered this Webcam I was expecting something a little more and it didn’t let me down. This little beauty is perfect! It focuses properly and the lighting, color, and pictures are crystal clear. My previous webcam had a terrible lighting issue but without when I used this webcam. This one captures the lighting just right and has a simultaneous autofocus feature. It also has built-in dual stereo mics and double noise reduction. It has a big improvement when I made videos for my YouTube channel and online meetings. Overall, I am very happy with it.

Customer Reviews


We made a comparison between it and a Logitech C920 pro and were surprised at the sharpness and color definition of the Raleno C30. The Logitech C920 pro needs no comment, but have a look at the prices! Whereas the Raleno provides a wide view and sufficient light, which are in $100-$150 dollar ones. If you want a good quality webcam but affordable, we highly recommend the Raleno webcam to you.

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