Papalook Pa452 Review 2024: The best webcam in these COVID-19 times?


If you have considerable expertise in technology, you can not ignore the Papalook PA452 webcam. It is compatible with all computers and laptops, It will help you to multitask: creative and content-perfecting – all in one. Too many gadgets in a budget webcam. In this comprehensive Papalook Pa452 Review, we’re going under the hood to discover what makes the Papalook so special and comparing against other market alternatives

Why We Like It- Papalook Pa452 Webcam: 

Our verdict of the papalook pa452 webcam


What sets the Papalook Pa452 webcam apart from others is its design. And with how tiny it is, measuring 4.33 x 3.54 x 2.36 inches, it is very easily one of the most portable webcams available, just like the Papalook PA552 Webcam. Papalook will mount to almost any monitor easily and it also has a ¼-20 threaded stud on the bottom to accommodate tripod mounting. Also included is a 4” tall adjustable tabletop tripod with bendable legs.

Around the back of the Papalook Pa452 webcam is a small toggle switch for turning on a set of green lights located on the front. And as others had said, the On/Off button on the back doesn’t do anything. The only way to turn off the camera is to unplug the USB. And although We knew it didn’t come with a privacy cover, with the design of this camera, the lens sticks out of the body. So there’s no easy way to attach a 3rd party “stick-on” cover (like a hinged toilet seat) or a piece of paper.

Price and availability:

Especially, As the coming of Black Friday, Amazon has offered numerous webcams’ promotions. With 20% off coupon, the price for the webcam to purchase is only $69.99 (including shipping free), cheaper than the original price $89.99


Papalook webcam settings: easy to setup and use. Papalook PA452 is literally plugging and play into everything. We used it on both a Mac and a PC. It also worked great on our Hackintosh. We have used it with Facetime, Google Duos, Zoom, Quick-time, and several others. Every device picked it right up and each application allowed us to jump right into selecting the video and mic. In all applications, we could have just used the camera for video and selected a different source for the microphone. This is super easy to get right to work using it.

Papalook webcam software: Additionally for your PC there is a software download from Papalook called AMCAP which will be useful for taking screenshots or video clips. More importantly, it does allow you to change some of the core webcam settings like brightness and contrast which can significantly help you dial in the picture.

Here’s a video Papalook Pa452 Review:

Widely compatible, Papalook can be used with any laptops, LCD monitors, desktops, or tripods. Compatible with WinXP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 and other operating systems and supports major live broadcast platforms

Image Quality and Sound:

FOV: 60 degrees | Resolution 1080p |  Framerate: 30fps  

The photo describes the link to the Amazon website to buy the papalook pa452 webcam

Papalook PA452 resolution up to 1080p support at 30fps. You can autofocus yourself by manually turning the little webcam knob, however, you have to hold the webcam in place while you autofocus, which can be a little frustrating due to the size and it wiggles a bit on the top of the laptop screen, but it’s not too bad IMO.

Again, this is a webcam, people should not be expecting to record high-quality audio with it. The quality is fine for general use. The people on the end can hear you with no complaints. A bit of a tip, the camera’s functionality is driven by the software that is using it. Sometimes the default for the mic is set too low. You need to test this and adjust this up. We had to do this for both Duos and Facetime. Once we adjusted the mic up to regular levels, there was no issue. we suspect people are overlooking this.

Another option is the Aukey webcam, which you can buy for $49 for up to 66% sale on amazon, and offers similar specs.

Papalook Pa452 was tested by the customer: 

Customer Reviews: Check Here

This camera really is plug and play. I bought a new laptop to work from home during the quarantine, and found the internal camera broken. I found this camera as one of the only webcams left available and orderd it. I recieved it and hooked it up yesterday, it works great, picture is beautiful. I havent use all the features, but im very happy with my purchase.

Customer Reviews


Overall, Papalook Pa452 is a very good camera, a lot better than your laptop camera and mic, and for the price of a 2 in 1 you can’t beat it. If streaming is your goal, you will invest in a separate mic as this one requires proximity to record your voice but the picture quality is superb for face cams and zoom calls.

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