Nulaxy C900 Review 2021: Cheap but awesome webcam

nulaxy c900 review








  • Great Price
  • Dual-stereo mic for better audio quality
  • Rotatable clip


  • The image is fish-eyed

Firstly, Nulaxy C900 is a good webcam for the price for sure. It’s not perfect, but should be an improvement over your computer’s built-in camera as far as resolution and sensitivity. For under $28, it’s really a good choice.

Nulaxy C900 Review: Design 

Starting with the quality of the camera itself, the unit is well built and sturdy. The frame is a nice, sleek carbon plastic in all black. Design-wise, it looks clean with 2 LED signals on the front and a plastic privacy slider that goes over the center lens.

Design of the Nulaxy Webcam

Nulaxy C900 Review: Value

The video quality and mic are very good and it worked right out of the box, true plug and play. There are two small LED indicator lights in the front of the camera, red indicating there is power supplied to it and green indicating the camera is on. I like the fact it has its lights in the front, showing it’s connected and recording

Nulaxy C900 webcam setup with the computer:

I love the clip which can rotate in various angles so you can clip it to any size monitor since it can be adjusted easily. The clip has a rubber padding so it grips onto a laptop or desktop monitor without any problems. It also has a mounting hole at the bottom for tripods.

Nulaxy Webcam setup with the tripod:

You can directly enjoy the webcam in applications such as Skype and Zoom. Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS 10.6, Linux 2.6.24, Chrome OS 29.0.1547, above Ubuntu Version 10.04 or above.

Especially , The Nulaxy C900 webcam with cover allows you to control what you want to show, protects your privacy, and gives you peace of mind when not in use. Just slide the webcam cover to close when needed and to blocks potential hackers

Nulaxy C900 Review: Performance

FOV: 92 degrees | Resolution 1080p |  Framerate: 30fps

Nulaxy C900 webcam resolution up to 1080p. The future demands quality with online equipment and you will not be left behind with this one. Nulaxy Webcam for zoom records video at 30 frames per second which produces a sharp image with no latency in the video. The field of view is 92 degrees..

The focus was a bit further back than I expected, which is good if you sit farther from your computer or are using this camera in a conference room setting where more than one person needs to be in the frame at the same time.

Color accuracy was very good, better than my built-in camera. Colors are rich and saturated. A little bit more red in the skin tones than I personally like, but otherwise the overall picture quality is very good, especially considering the economic price of this camera.

Nulaxy C900 Webcam Test & Review: 

Nulaxy C900 Webcam At Amazon For $26.99

Audio quality was as-good as the built-in microphone, and a little better, likely because of the positioning of the unit closer to my face. You would still be better off using a proper headset, or even a set of phone headphones with a built-in mic for better sound quality.

The wide angle is really good for people that gesture a lot. Or, if you happen to need a web camera for presentations in sign language (like my parents) then this is a plus. You get a much wider viewable space without increasing your distance from the computer. The only drawback is slight distortion of the image, especially at the corners.

Customer Reviews:

The webcam was actually delivered earlier than expected and it is an easy install – just plug it in and it works. The webcam is relatively small and sits on top of the computer monitor and it works great while on video calls. I have Windows 10 and have no issues with compatibility. I looked at a lot of cameras and many were not value priced as this one. I love the fact that it has a plastic slide to block the camera for privacy when it’s not in use.

Customer Reviews


Overall, a great choice if you need a basic webcam with some advanced features. You get everything that you could expect at this price point and a little more!

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