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nexigo webcam review

Nexigo N950 Pro Webcam Review

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  • 4K ultra high resolution video quality
  • Omni-directional mics
  • Brand recognition


  • Expensive

Logitech C920 series is the gold standard out there but start at $119. I tried 4 different webcams over the last one month (from Amazon and Best buy). I was looking for a HD webcam with good microphone. All 4 were duly returned as either the picture quality was not as described or the microphone was bad. This NexiGo webcam was a home run. Very good picture quality (no blurry pictures or pixels). The microphone is very good as no one has complained about not being able to hear me. Autofocus is a tad bit slow but once it gets the picture, it’s a good shot. Sits nicely on top of my monitor and works really well. I have used it with WebEx and Zoom and no issues at all

Nexigo Webcam Review: Design 

Nexigo Webcam is a pretty tiny device, which makes it portable, with dimensions of 5,98 x 2,12 x 1,78 inch, and of much better build quality than the Campark Webcam.

Nexigo N950 Pro Webcam has a nice stylish look and fits well on a laptop or desktop computer screen. Once attached it holds well without moving around. Having a screw mount on the bottom is a great addition as you can put it on a tripod or light stand if needed

design of the nexigo webcam
design of the nexigo webcam

Nexigo Webcam Review: Value

During this covid-19 era, I am using zoom extensively. What I was looking for in the webcam, good light exposure, good control, and good continuous focus. I tried Logitech C920, nexigo webcam 1080P 60FPS, and other ways using canon eos webcam utility and esoft ivcom. All failed for a simple reason that is having a control utility tool for adjustment. The NexiGo N950 Pro Webcam has a wonderful utility program called AMCAP that could be downloaded from their website. I used this program and adjusted my new webcam that gave me a very professional result with 4k resolution at that amazing price

Nexigo webcam driver: easy to setup and use. It works with USB 2.0, no additional drivers are required. Ready to use in less than 1 min with any compatible device. The convenient foldable design allows you to easily take it anywhere, and the 6.5 Inch (2 Meter) USB cord is long enough for any task

Widely compatible, the Nexigo 1080P webcam can be used with any laptops, LCD monitors, desktops, or tripods. Compatible with WinXP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 and other operating systems and supports the major live broadcast platform.

nexigo webcam setup with the computer
nexigo webcam setup with the computer

Especially, The Nexigo N950 Pro Webcam comes with a Privacy Shutter to protect your privacy and security, Slide the webcam cover open when needed and easily back shut when not. It prevents web hackers from Spying on you. It is perfect to provide privacy, security, and peace of mind to individuals, groups, organizations, companies, and government

Minimum Requirement: Dual Core 2.5GHz for 1080P; Dual Core 3.2GHz or better for 4K Resolution, 8GB RAM. For MAC users: MacPro 2018 or later. For PC users: 1GB dedicated graphic card for 4K.

Nexigo Webcam Review: Performance

FOV: 90 degrees | Resolution 4K |  Framerate: 30fps 

The NexiGo webcam comes with a SONY 8.5MP sensor that features up to a 3840*2160 Quad HD resolution at 30 frames per second which delivers crisper images and clearer videos for a professional conference, live streaming, online teaching, recording, and gaming.

Support the 5X digital magnification function. You can capture all crystal-clear details and colors and adjust the field of view to be more narrow or wide to just focus on what you want via digital zoom function while maintaining UHD resolution. Just focus on what you want via Pressing the button to enlarge images in turn, maximum zoom up to 5X. Provides you with more professional conferencing recording and streaming videos.

Nexigo N950 Pro Webcam Review: 

Nexigo Webcam At Amazon For $99

The NexiGo webcam can provide better quality for video calls, recording videos, and streaming games to help you look more professional. Built-in dual omnidirectional mics with noise cancellation ensure clear audio capture from every angle. Automatic low-light correction provides an ideal video even in dim lighting conditions.

Nexigo webcam was tested by the customer:

nexigo webcam was tested by the customer
nexigo webcam was tested by the customer

Customer reviews: Check here

Thanks to the pandemic, my spouse and I have to do a lot of work from home. This new webcam has more than twice the resolution of the webcam it replaced. The framerate is excellent as is the color accuracy. I also appreciate the zoom feature. It’s been a reliable tool for presentations and meetings.

Customer Reviews


Overall, I’m pretty impressed with this Nexigo webcam. It’s substantially cheaper than other webcams, has a decent microphone, and with a few tweaks, I got some decent video out of it.

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