Nexigo Webcam N940 Review 2021

nexigo webcam review

Nexigo Webcam N940 Review

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  • Great Price
  • Sharp Picture
  • Rotatable clip


  • No Software For Customisation

In a long line of webcams I’ve used over the past year, Nexigo webcam N940 is definitely in the top five. Zoom works (in 1080p), and the 2k looks pretty decent for the most part. It’s VERY sharp (EXTREMELY SHARP), so you might need to do some adjusting in OBS if you plan to use this for streaming. NexiGo is really making some big steps forward with their webcams.

Nexigo Webcam Review: Design 

Nexigo Webcam is a pretty tiny device, which makes it portable, with dimensions of 1.93 x 2.13 x 4.29 inches, and of much better build quality than the Campark Webcam.

The Nexigo 1080P Webcam comes with a webcam cover, a feature the Wansview Webcam lacks.

Design of the nexigo webcam: 

Nexigo Webcam Review: Value

No software to download. Easy plug and play into any computer with a USB port. Has a privacy feature as well with a privacy shutter easily slide to protect your privacy. It has an adjustable base, it is capable of attaching to any screen or counter without falling over.

Nexigo1080p webcam setup with the computer:

nexigo1080p webcam setup with the computer
nexigo1080p webcam setup with the computer

Widely compatible, the Nexigo 1080P webcam can be used with any laptops, LCD monitors, desktops, or tripods. Compatible with WinXP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 and other operating systems and supports the major live broadcast platform.

Before I go any further, let’s talk about the microphones: They pick up a lot of sounds. It’s fine for video conferencing which adjusts natively or a broadcast setting where you can adjust peaking on the fly with the audio board or OBS…But if you’re recording video or streaming you will likely want to use an external microphone. In my case, I just use the audio from this to sync video across a few different tracks.

Nexigo Webcam Review: Video Quality

FOV: 90 degrees | Resolution 2K |  Framerate: 60fps 

Nexigo Webcam driver has so many great features. It has a 5 megapixel lens for great quality videos. Very clear and sharp. Resolution quality is fantastic, has a 2K at 30fps and 1920×1080 at 60fps.

It has an easy touch to zoom in and out 3x zooming capability. It has an automatic focal point and tracks at all times. It corrects the lighting quickly and right away and continues to adjust if you move a lot. I had no issues between 2 and 5 feet away

Nexigo Webcam Review: 

NexiGo 2K Zoomable Webcam Review 2021 

Nexigo 1080P Webcam At Amazon For $89

YouTube – let’s be real…2k is fair. It’s not too different from the 1080p in terms of video quality. I found the 1080p to be a bit more natural under different lighting conditions. With LED lights you can change the color temp and that makes a big difference in quality. With higher temps (whiter/brighter), video can become washed out. At 2K I do get some really nice shots, though. Unfortunately, it is only 30FPS. If I’m using this as an overhead/rear / secondary camera, I will likely skip the 2K and go down to 1080p so I can have the framerate match the rest of the video at 60FPS. If I’m using this as my main camera, I think the 2K would be fine…Just be aware you gotta adjust those settings in OBS! With the right lighting and the right LUTs in OBS…This is comparable to an actual camera in many ways.

Customer Reviews: Check here

Having a camera is not a necessity in our current times. I tried a few with build in lights and crisp camera quality HOWEVER the one feature I needed was missing, a narrow/adjustable field of view. So this webcam offers me the ability to adjust the field of view and not have to rely on a fake background. That feature alone makes it a winner for me even thought the camera quality isn’t the best. ( I add a ring light to help with quality). Hope that helps in your decision making process.

Customer reviews


Overall, Nexigo webcam has great image quality, easy to use, and great sound capabilities. Great for calls and meetings online. Good buy for all the essentials.

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