Logitubo Webcam Review : The New Normal

logitubo webcam review

Logitubo Webcam Review

SALE 25%








  • Great Price
  • 1080P HD Video Quality
  • Automatic Low-Light Correction


  • No Software For Customisation

If you are looking for ways to make your work fluent. Don’t miss out on the Logitubo webcam, it makes your work not just fluent, but even make your work fantastic to work. It is discounting on AMAZON, please come to us to know more information and bring it to your laptop

Logitubo Webcam Review: Value

Since the price is just $49.99, no wonder it is the best-selling webcam on Amazon nowadays. Besides the affordable price, it is easy to set up and use. Logitubo webcam, moreover, gives you a lot of flexibility to position it. For instance, the USB cable is long so that it can connect easily to your computer. Above all, the best part of this webcam is plug and play. You do not have to install any mediate software for it to work. The only thing you need to do is plug it, and it will be instantly ready for a video conference

Unboxing the logitubo stream webcam: 

The logitubo webcam 1080P is working with OBS studio, it is specifically designed and optimized for excellent quality video streaming on social gaming and entertainment sites such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube.

Widely compatible, it can be used with any laptops, LCD monitors, desktops, or tripods. Compatible with WinXP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 and other operating systems and supports major live broadcast platforms

Logitubo HD webcam setup with the computer

Logitubo Webcam Review: Performance 

FOV: 90 degrees | Resolution: 1080p |  Framerate: 30fps    

Logitubo webcam stream resolution up to 1080p support at 30fps. The field of view is 90 degrees. Although Dericam webcam is wider with a 110-degree viewing angle. With a built-in 360° rotation both right and left, you can easily move the camera to any angle you need.

What we liked most was its H.264 compression. It’s lost on video calling (unless you’re recording), but for a streamer who saves their videos, quality is preserved while keeping the file size much lower. If you are looking to use a webcam studying from home. You might want to buy a lower-priced webcam. With currently reduced price Qtniue Webcam is a good choice.

Another option is the Wansview webcam, which you can buy for $ 29 for up to 66% sale on amazon, and offers similar specs.

Logitubo Stream webcam review :

Logitubo Webcam At Amazon For $49.99

Logitubo HD webcam 1080p built with noise reduction microphones, this webcam blocks out unwanted background noise and captures a clear voice. Everyone can hear the real you. A good choice for video calling, conferencing, online teaches and streaming, etc.

The logitubo Stream webcam was tested by customer: 

Customer Reviews Logitubo webcam 1080P : Check Here

This little webcam is so good. The picture and video quality is great. It doesn’t even need a lot of lighting. All we had to do was plug it in to the computer. That’s it! The microphone is very good too! My kids get pretty shy when talking to the class on their zoom meetings. I used to be like, speak up! They can be whispering and everyone hears them very clearly. The video doesn’t lag. In Zoom, they can create a virtual background and it works. Very cool.

Customer Reviews


We still love the Logitubo webcam, but which is good for Zoom Meeting, Skype, etc. but not use for twitch or gamer. More light is recommended. No software can control this camera, not even zoom, brightness, etc. If you choose this for zoom, skype is recommended! But not recommend for twitch or gamer.


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