Lavario Portable Clothes Washer Review 2024: Non- Electric

lavario Portable Clothes Washer Review

Lavario Washer Review

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  • Worked great on exceedingly bad smelling clothes and sweaty workout clothes, just okay with a bath towel with a persistent mildew smell.
  • Lightweight, low difficulty, and good output. Durable construction.


  • Difficult to dry
  • You cannot remove the handle.

The Lavario Portable Clothes Washer is a super modern new washing machine that any woman enjoys when not only wash fragrant clothes extremely quickly but also burn calories, keep slim effectively. Instead of lying in a place in the house, this modern washing machine is very compact, can be towed anywhere to wash without having to carry bulky loads. No longer feel the pressure from washing your hands or from regular washing machines, your new day will become simple much more comfortable with this portable washing machine. It allows the smallest flows to flow into any fabric on any type of outfit, so you will spend less water, save more electricity and soap, fabric rinse will also be reduced every time you wash. Let’s quickly evaluate the Lavario washer with Betacamera.


White and light blue Lavario Portable Clothes Washer weighs 14 pounds and measures 19 x 19 x 24 inches for a 5 gallon washing capacity.

Design of the Lavario Portable Clothes Washer:

Lavario Washer was meticulously engineered for durability & performance, and is proudly made in the USALavario was meticulously engineered for durability & performance, and is proudly made in the USA.

It gives you a lot of flexibility by being able to use it wherever you want and without needing to be near a power outlet.

Lavario Portable Clothes Washer – Functionality

It’s also big enough to hold a few items. You might get two large jackets in there. Or ten days worth of underwear. Or a maybe small blanket.

I’d say on the size the creators of the Lavario hit the nail on the head. Lavario clothes washer is big enough to get some work done, but not the kind of thing that can replace a real washer and dryer in terms of the volume of clothes you can do.

I think if it were any bigger it’d be obstacle to move and store. And if it were any smaller, it’d be a little too unproductive in terms of the amount of clothes you can wash with it. So kudos to the designers on nailing that aspect.

 design of the lavario portable clothes washer

You don’t need to be very strong to use this washer as it only needs very little arm strength with the gravity and buoyancy for the down-strokes and up-strokes.

The handled bucket generates decent cleaning power with the up and down motion guided by the large tub. You can see and hear the bubbles even with relaxed pumping.

Another nice feature is the drainage out of the bottom. Guys, there’s no heavy lifting here even though you’ll probably be working with 5-7 gallons of water in the large tub at a time.

You just unscrew the cap at the bottom of the large tub and the water drains out easily. This thing is painless on your arms and back. It’s truly a joy to use.

AND if you want you can attach a hose to the bottom nozzle to let the water run to a drain that’s further away. It’s a really nice feature and I much appreciated the thought that clearly went into it.

You cannot remove the handle. In fact, there’s a big warning at the beginning of the manual saying you could break the handle if you try. This is problematic both because it would be SO much easier to store the thing with the handle removed, but also because if you need to return the device, removing the handle is going to break it

Lavario Portable Clothes Washer Instructions

Lavario Portable Clothes Washer Review:

Lavario Portable Clothes Washer At Amazon For $119

Suggestions for use


The bin holds a lot of water that might cause problems if knocked over, so doing this whole process in a bathtub might be ideal, especially in an apartment.


If you have time, soak clothes for 4-8 hours (overnight). Note that earth-friendly soaps will start to smell bad after ~14 hours, since the whole point of earth-friendly soaps is that they break down once they get out to the sewers.

Clothes get a lot cleaner this way and you break down a lot of stubborn smells / stains. You can use this in concert with half a cup of bleach, vinegar, or baking soda (see warning about bleach below).


This is covered in the manual, but due to some splashing with this device, use caution with bleach, including eye protection and gentle cycling. I’d recommend normal bleach (sometimes listed as “color safe”) and not chlorine bleach.

Soap use

I used the following to good effect: earth-friendly HE soap, 1/2 of the first “small load” marker.


The instructions only discuss a single cycle followed by a rinse, but you can save a LOT of water and soap by re-using the same soapy water multiple times to wash lots of clothes.

After your first load, take out the wet+soapy clothes, set them aside in a bucket or bathtub, and add a little more water+soap each time to make sure that it covers the basket. I’ve done this a dozen times with no issue, and on two occasions reusing the soapy water 3x.


I’d recommend having a spare one on hand for adding water, holding clothes in between cycles, etc. It’s just very helpful


You can lift the bucket out of the water and rotate it a little so that it sits above the water to ease the process of draining.

After that, you can empty clothes into the bottom of the bucket and press down with the empty basket to help get more water out. If you already have a method to wring clothes, you might skip this step.


Floating basket

If the basket rises to the top of the water, take off the lid and press down on all the clothes to get all the air out. Or put a bucket on top and add something heavy to create a counterweight.

Persistent mildew smell

For clothes with a mildew smell, you might want to soak longer and go through more lift-and-drop cycles. I also like adding baking soda (add to a full container of water before any clothes). I did roughly 20 minutes and 20 lift-and-push down cycles and that was effective.


Can this be disassembled to travel in a suitcase?

No. Once assembled, it is not disassemble.

How many pounds of laundry can this hold?

I haven’t weighed the laundry. Keep in mind this is a basket and is designed for smaller loads loosely placed into the basket. That said I can wash quite a bit empty the basket and was another load in the same soapy water. I just fill the basket loosely or if the clothes are heavier, like jeans or sweatpants, then I don’t fill it up to the top. I would say about 5 -6 large tee shirts at a time, 3 or 4 pants at a time etc

Will the washing process remove dog hair?

Yes, several of our staff have dogs and they love using Lavario for their pet blankets and accessories.

How much space does it use in storage?

It is larger than I thought it would be. We live in an RV and I keep it stored in the shower stall. It takes up 3/4 of the stall. Hope this helps.

What Customers Say

At the time of writing our review, 67% of the reviewers on Amazon have given This Lavario Portable Clothes Washer a 5-star rating, while 5% of the reviewers have given it a 1-star rating.

Overall, users are impressed by the convenience and performance it offers. Many were impressed with the easy-to-use price and good on its budget.

Customer Reviews: Check Here

Hello everyone. I just finished my first load with the Lavario (one pajama bottom, three teeshirts, three pairs of socks, and a pair of Levi’s). I chose the Lavario because it is very stable on the ground and you can stand while using it. Other brands have suction cups to hold them down which don’t always work. Also, you have to bend over to use them if you don’t put them on something. The Lavario works great. I would highly recommend it! I also used a wringer which I’ve had for some time. It’s great for quicker drying times and ease of use compared to hand wringing. I would recommend using a wringer also. Anyway, I’m very happy with my purchase! Happy washing!

Customer Reviews

Why Buy The Lavario Portable Clorthes Washer

All in all, I am very happy with the Lavario Portable Clothes Washer. I take my sheets & large items to the Laundry Mat because after all if you are in an apartment or condo, how would you hang them up? You will really like the Lavario for traveling in an RV as well. It’s so much easier and less messy than that twirling hand crank unit others sell. I hope you consider the Lavario for your portable clothes washing needs.

The Lavario Clothes Washer is available at at the moment for one of the best prices.

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