Koswin Portable Washing Machine Review: Perfect For Small Spaces

koswin portable washing machine review








  • The fully-automatic washing machine comes with an advanced LED display that makes it incredibly easy for the user to adjust the settings of the machine.
  • The manufacturer backs the washing machine with a generous 12 months warranty against quality issues, which allows for a worry-free purchas
  • The machine is remarkably safe to use and complies with all safety features required by the US and the RoHS.


  • The stock inlet hose that comes with the machine might put some people off. It’s a little frustrating to connect and some people might even have leakage problems because of improper connection. Additionally, the hose length itself is a bit short, which makes it a bit difficult for some users to connect it easily.

Washing machines are one of the products that are no stranger to many families today. The use of washing machines will greatly assist you in the work of washing, cleaning products, shorten your time doing household work and you may have more time to spend caring for yourself, teach your children as well as enjoy a happy life. The Koswin Portable washing machine will be the right choice for your family, smart equipment, simple design will help your home space become more harmonious. Let’s quickly evaluate the Koswin washing machine with Betacamera.


Premium metallic design with painting decoration gives a sleek and elegant look to this Koswin portable washing machine. Through the soft closing cover with transparent tempered glass, you can get a clear view of the washing process

Perfect size of washer if you prefer to have your own washer while living in an apartment complex, all accessory parts included

The LED control panel along with the soft closing glass cover makes it a truly impressive machine.

Design of the koswin portable washing machine:

Koswin washing machine is compact and lightweight for you to move easily. But the stainless steel honeycomb shaped inner tub can load 8 lbs at one time and wash many clothes for you. With a space-saving design, it is perfect for your home, apartment, or even taking for outdoor activities like camping.

design of the koswin portable washing machine
design of the koswin portable washing machine

Koswin Portable Washing Machine – Functionality

Koswin Portable Washing machine is automatic – which means it draws the water in automatically and drains the water automatically. All you need to do is just hit the start button.

The full-automatic spin wash and dry makes it easy to operate from 6 washing program options. With an improved load capacity of up to 8 lbs, it can meet all your daily laundry needs with durable performance.

The machine is super quiet in the wash and spin modes. It drains fairly rapidly with the built-in pump. It spins in phases and when it get’s to the top spin/drain cycle it is very fast, efficient, and very quiet. It shakes just a bit in the lower spin cycle, not annoying at all, and is completely stable in the high spin/drain cycle.

The best part is it comes all the parts and accessories are included in the packaging, no need to buy additional parts for the installation and connection to your faucet. The inlet hose is around 50 inches with two metal connectors and one adapter, Drain hose around 75 inches. Follow the manual and get it installed without extra help, fairly straightforward.

koswin portable washing machine

As a major side note that makes sure you connect the hose fittings correctly and tight. The result of my having done this resulted in zero leaks from the under sink water supply outlet, the into machine water inlet, and the out of machine water/drain water outlet connection.

Koswin Portable Washing Machine Manual

Koswin Portable Washing Machine Instructions

Koswin Portable Washing Machine Instructions


  • Washing Machine Type: Fully Automatic
  • Washing Machine Dimensions: 18.4 x 19.8 x 31 inches
  • Net Weight: 20 Kg (44.0 lbs)
  • Gross Weight: 23.5 Kg (51.8 lbs)
  • Maximum Washing Capacity: 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs)
  • Drainage: 1.0 Cubic Ft.
  • Washing Programs/Settings: 6 options (normal, rapid, heavy, gentle, soak, and spin)
  • Noise Level: 30 to 50 dB
  • Machine Voltage: 120 volts at 60 Hz
  • Wash power: 270 watts
  • Spin Power: 200 watts
  • Washing Access: Top loading
  • Materials: Stainless steel interior with steel and plastic exterior
  • Color: White and black/grey
  • Warranty: 12 months against quality issues
  • Complies with RoHS and US Safety requirements
  • Accessories included: Water inlet hose, faucet adapter, drain hose, instructions manual
  • Noise proof plate
  • Soft closing door
  • Automatic laundry imbalance adjustment
  • Adjustable feet
  • Built-in drain pump
  • 360 degrees spinning to prevent tangling
  • Spin wash and spin dry

What Customers Say About the Koswin Portable Washing Machine

At the time of writing our review, 80% of the reviewers on Amazon have given the Tacklife Portable Washing Machine a 5-star rating, while 5% of the reviewers have given it a 1-star rating

Overall, users are impressed by the convenience and performance it offers. Many were impressed with the easy-to-use price and good on its budget.

Customer reviews: Check here

 I am really pleased with the good price and quality. I wanted to be sure the machine would work well without any problems. I was very happy when the product arrived because it gave me no problems. The machine looks really good. It looks clean and fits well with my home. Inside the tub, there is an inlet pipe and hose pipe with a very useful adapter along with the instruction manual. The adapter connects with my pipes perfectly and there are no problems. I have attached one video here and will share more. Nice service with very detail consideration to buyer!

Customer reviews

Why Buy The Koswin Washing Machine

Koswin Portable washing machine is literally perfect! The fully automated system is very smart and convenient. Honestly, it does everything a $400-$500 washing machine can do. The size is perfect! Even in a small bathroom like my, the machine won’t take up much space but it can wash a whole lot. I washed a queen sheet with 4 king pillowcases and some pants. It worked perfectly! The spin-dry is next level. It spins so fast with almost no noise. The machine’s spin-dry basically drys your clothes by about 90%. When they say there is no noise, they are no joking. I cannot even hear a thing. Overall I would 100% recommend this product.

The Koswin Portable Washing Machine is available at Amazon.com at the moment for one of the best prices.

Also Why No Check Out:.

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