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kingslim d1 pro review

Kingslim D1 Pro Review

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Video Quality



  • Great quality - 4k Front Camera- very crisp.
  • Excellent price.
  • Easy to install


  • Rear Camera only 1080p but good quality
  • WiFi seems slow when streaming to phone through app

Kingslim D1 Pro is my second dash cam from Kingslim, and if you’re like me and are hesitant about purchasing a piece of technology from a company with an unfamiliar brand name, I’d like to put your mind at ease because the tech inside these units is from Sony and it’s excellent, especially for the price point.

Kingslim D1 Pro Review: Design 

I believe that the Kingslim D1 Pro dual dash cam is a great vehicle device. At first glance, it may seem small in size but it makes up for it with plenty of useful features. It may also seem a bit on the thick side but it houses a lot of tech under the hood.

First of all, it has two HD cameras, one in the front and the other in the back of the device in addition to the IR LEDs which has the ability to record in day or night.

Large touch screen which allows for super simple operation and toggling through menus and settings. Very simple and straightforward operation. The screen is capable of showing both cameras at once, or one or the other. Simply tapping on the screen allows you to toggle which camera is displaying on the screen.

Kingslim D1 Pro Review: Camera Quality

Video Recording

The SONY IMX307 sensors provide crystal clear pictures day and night. You can record in 2K resolution with only the front-facing camera, 1080p at 30 frames/Sec for both front and rear cameras at the same time, or 1080p at 60 fps for the front-facing camera only. The video is a very clear high resolution and covers both the interior and exterior of the car.

Day Time Image Sample

Day Time Image Sample
Day Time Image Sample

Night Vision

If you need to see toward the rear of your car even when it’s completely dark, this camera will get the job done out of the box, and for a very reasonable price.

The cabin-facing camera has 4 infrared (IR) LEDs to provide night vision even if the inside of your vehicle is completely dark in the middle of the night

Kingslim D1 Pro Dual Dash Cam Review:

Kingslim D1 Pro Dual Dash Cam Review

Kingslim D1 Pro At Amazon For $83.06

Kingslim D1 Pro Review: Performance

G-Sensor And Parking Mode

Kingslim Dash cam also gives you a “parking monitor” where the camera has a small internal battery, so that while your vehicle is turned off/you’re away from the vehicle if the camera detects someone has rear-ended or hit your card, the “G Sensor” picks up the shock and will record a short clip to help you identify the incident.

Sound Quality

Really really good. Surprisingly good much better than any dash camera I’ve had previously and it’s actually even better than the 4K Action Camera I purchased from Akaso this past Christmas. It’s really excellent. There are times when the kids do or say something really cute in the car and it’s nice to be able to play it back and be able to catch what they said as clear as a bell.

Wi-Fi And Memory

Memory: Another nice feature not often seen in the market, is that Kingslim includes a 32GB MicroSD card– maybe it’s not the largest capacity SD card available, but at the very least you can try out the camera before investing in a more expensive Micro SD card.

Wifi: You can attach via WIFI to your android, or iPhone via the downloadable ‘RoadCam’ app.

The app is a lifesaver and makes this camera worth the money on its own. You can connect via wifi and instantly view and download videos and pictures directly to your phone or device.

You can also get a live feed straight into your phone, and even control the camera right from your phone screen while connected to the camera.

RoadCam app
RoadCam app

Kingslim D1 Pro Dual Dash Cam Installation 

Out of the box, it includes everything necessary to quickly mount and install the dual dash cam in your vehicle. It even comes with a mini crowbar, adhesive cable clips, electrostatic windshield stickers for the GPS, an USB transfer cable, and a 32 GB Micro SD card

kingslim d1 pro setup
kingslim d1 pro setup

I took the device to my car and just slid the windshield mount onto the dual dash cam and stuck it on my windshield and plugged it into the car charger port and it turned on. The navigation button on the device is small and takes some time to get used to but I was able to get into the settings and customize everything to my liking.

Another thing is that the GPS module is built into the power cord, not the camera itself, and they give you a template to stick to your windshield first, to help you pick a good position for the camera, gps module, and wiring, to achieve a professional-looking install.

Kinslim D1 Pro Setup: 

Final Verdict

Overall, the Kingslim D1 Pro packs a bunch of features into a small and affordable package. This would be great if you are an Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare drivers, or even if you are driving a school bus or another passenger vehicle where you want to simultaneously monitor the road and the vehicle occupants.

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