Jelly Comb Webcam Review: Better than Logitech’s Budget Series

jelly comb webcam review

Jelly Comb Webcam Review

SALE 25%





Camera Quality



  • Great Picture Quality
  • Easy Plug n Play (USB-A2.0)
  • Long Cable makes placement easy
  • 3 LED Light Settings (Lite touch to change, hold to adjust intensity)


  • Mic does not sound good

Jelly Comb Webcam is the best webcam I have found in months of searching for my needs. My home setup does not allow me to use the camera on my laptop so I have been trying various webcams over the last few months. Most in my price range resulted in a fisheye distortion. This is the first I have found that has no fisheye!

Jelly Comb Webcam Review: Design

Jelly Comb Webcam is a pretty tiny device, which makes it portable, with dimensions of 5.12 x 4.61 x 2.91 inches, and of much better build quality than the Wansview Webcam

Let me say first, that the packaging itself is perfectly compact. Nothing else in the box but a small booklet and the cam itself, the wire is attached at the back. The base is sturdy and made of strong plastic, with a nifty webcam mount screw at the bottom.

The jelly comb camera has two standard mounting options, a threaded hole for tripods and extension arms and a rubber coated clamshell for the top monitor bezel. Please take note, the rubber pads on the webcam mounts are covered with clear plastic during shipping that must be peeled off before using.

Jelly Comb Webcam Review: Value

I will discuss the light-ring first, as this is the feature most readers are probably interested in learning about. The light-ring has three different temperature settings, each of which notably improves the lighting in different ways.

The light is a touch sensor at the top of the camera. Very easily picks up the slightest touch. And it cycles through the 3 lighting settings.

Jelly Comb HD Autofocus Webcam With Ring Light:

A great touch is the inclusion of a magnetic lens cover for privacy and lens protection. When the cover is not in use, it can be placed on the backside of the camera. The magnetic lens sticks (very strongly) to the front and back of the camera, ensuring the cover will not easily fall off.

Other brand webcams I’ve owned either had no cover or a plastic/rubber removable cap. Jelly Comb’s approach is much more elegant and practical.

With the 90° and 180° rotatable clip, you can easily adjust the angel of the webcam to perfectly fit your computer.

The sound capture is in stereo which is awesome, I’m not used to that, and the audio is perfect for video calls and such. Again, when you put the lens cover over, the audio automatically shuts off without hanging up the video call. A great little feature.

Jelly Comb Webcam Manual & Review:

Jelly Comb Webcam Manual

Jelly Comb Camera At Amazon for $41.99

Jelly Comb Webcam Review: Performance

FOV: 90 degrees | Resolution 1080p |  Framerate: 60fps

Jelly Comb Webcam resolution up to 1080p. The future demands quality with online equipment and you will not be left behind with this one.  The Jelly HD Autofocus webcam records video at 60 frames per second which produces a sharp image with no latency in the video. The field of view is 90 degrees.

Jelly Comb camera setup with the computer:

 Very clear picture at 60hz. The light works well if you are sitting near the camera and the different color temperatures are a huge plus since natural room lighting can vary making you look pale or overly orange. The different light color temperatures offsets this well to make you look your best. The autofocus is just a bit slow, especially in dark rooms.

Jelly Comb Webcam Manual & Test:

jelly comb webcam test
jelly comb webcam test

Customer Reviews: Check Here


If you need a webcam for streaming, work conferences, or simply catching up with friends or family over long distances, do yourself a favor and spend your money on this one.

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