Giantex Portable Washing Machine Review 2024

giantex portable washing machine review

Giantex Portable Washer Review

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  • Washes well
  • Decent price
  • Holds a lot of little items
  • Has a spin dry basket


  • Spin dryer is a bit weak

The pace of modern life is increasingly hustle and bustle so more needs the support of machines and washing machines is one of them. You are looking to buy equipment to serve your family’s needs but do not know which washing machine to buy well, but still save electricity? The market today has a multitude of brands that make you wonder and have many difficulties because you do not know which brand to choose? Please choose the Giantex Portable washing machine cheap price, compact design, suitable for the needs of thin, light laundry. Let’s quickly evaluate the Giantex washing machine with Betacamera.


This Giantex portable washing machine is designed with two separate tubs, a washing tub and a spin tub. It provides you two different washing functions. You could only use one tub, or you could use both tubs in one washing time.

Body Size 22.6 x 14 x 22.2 inches. It’s small enough to put inside a camper or bring to a caravan, or even a hotel room if you really wanted to. Perfect for Apartments, Dorms, College Rooms, RV Camping…

design of the giantex portable washing machine
design of the giantex portable washing machine

The Giantex Portable washer comes outfitted with a twin tub electric washer and comes in appealing white and blue color. Clear see-through body allows you to easily monitor your wash.

Giantex Portable Washing Machine – Functionality

Feature the twin tub dual-function design can save your precious time by washing and spinning dry loads at the same time. This not only simplifies your work but also reduces the cost for you, as buying two separate units would definitely cost you more.

design of the giantex portable washing machine
design of the giantex portable washing machine

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine will wash 2 pairs of men’s work pants and 1 shirt at a time. Spin dry each item separately for just a minute and clothes come out probably about 80-90% dry so that hanging with a fan blowing means that some clothes can be completely dry in under an hour

I love the fact that it has a separate dryer that does a great job of spin drying the clothes. You just have to move the clothes around a little bit if it vibrates during the spin process

Giantex Portable Washing Machine has a drain function that completely emptied the whole unit. I’m impressed with all the features and the power of this washer

Run Time & Capacity

1300RPM motor with a voltage frequency of 110V/60HZ, allowing you to simply put in your load of clothes and fill with water, then set the timer and start washing. The washer control timer runs for up to 15 minutes while the spin cycle timer runs for up to 5 minutes for each load

Now that clothes have all been washed and rinsed correctly there’s no need to fear the spin tub! Go the whole 5 minutes, it’s awesome!

But do keep delicates in their mesh bag or pack in between less delicate items, distribute clothes evenly to avoid the crazy loud noise of an uneven tub, *don’t overfill,* and don’t leave straps, drawstrings, etc., exposed at the top of the tub, lest they bang against the lid and make a heck of a racket.

Plus I noticed that it tends to overheat after running few times and won’t work, so you have to basically wait until the motor cools down before you can start washing your clothes again

Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine Instructions

Giantex Portable Washer At Amazon 

This is a very simple machine to use even though instructions are kind of vague. I’ve noticed a lot of reviewers, YouTube “how to’s” always skip a few steps. So the following is how I wash/spin according to the instructions. I’ve also noticed doing it this way reduced the amount of lint leftover on your clothes.


This machine drains by gravity so make sure it’s higher than where you’re draining out to. I purchased a printer stand to elevate it. Also, I tie a nylon sock at the end on the drain hose to catch more lint as to not clog the plumbing)

1. Fill the washer with hot/warm water (via water inlet/hose/bucket/shower head) and a tablespoon or teaspoon for smaller loads of detergent. Load your laundry and lint catchers (these machines are notoriously bad with lint )

At this point, I turn on the washer and check to see how the washer’s agitating. The washer is supposed to be swishing the clothes. If it doesn’t spin/swish you might need to remove some clothes or add more water.

The maximum water level is “H”. Water level indicator in the washer “L” low, “M” medium, “H” high. I usually set it to 9mins (clothes) or 12mins (bedsheets/towels) and Standard. The Soft setting is for “delicates” basically the impeller spins less and there’s a long delay between the spin directions.

Please remember, do not overload or overwork the washer!

Spint Out The Soapy Wash Water

2. This is the step a lot of people skip and they go straight to rinsing. Like any washing machine, clothes are always spun after a detergent wash

The problem with just draining and adding water to the rinse is that your clothes are still sopping wet with soapy water and adding more water won’t remove the soap, it’ll just “rinse” the clothes with diluted soap

Okay, so once the wash is completed transfer the clothes into the spinner and spin out the soapy water. I let it spin until water stops coming out of the drain hose, less than a minute. Of course, make sure the spinner is balanced and the cap is pressed down

Once all clothes are spun, drain the washer. I like to drain after and not before is because I don’t want the lint in the water to settle onto the clothes. Once drained, I give the wash tub a quick rinse of any leftover lint. Please remember, do not overload or overwork the spinner!

If your laundry is really dirty, repeat steps 1 and 2. Basically like a pre-wash and wash cycle.


3. As the last of the soapy clothes are spinning, begin filling the wash tub with cold water and fabric softener (just need a teaspoon). Load the spun clothes and start the timer. Since you spun out the soapy water, the rinse cycle could be set to 3-6mins.

Spin Dry

4. Once the rinse is completed transfer the rinsed clothes into the spinner and don’t overload/overwork the spinner. Again I’m not draining the washer yet because I don’t want the lint to settle. Spin until there’s no water coming out of the drain hose as over-spinning could stretch out your clothes, this should be 1-2 minutes MAX.

At this point, if you don’t have another load to wash, you can drain the rinse water. If you do have another load you don’t need to drain since the rinse water could be used for the next load. In theory, since the water was used to rinse the soap out of the clean clothes, the water should still be clean…with just a little soap. You would repeat steps 1-4 until your laundry is done.

Washer/Spinner Clean Up

5. Once all your laundry is finished, rinse out the washer and spinner to get rid of any lint/dirt/soap/ buildup, and remember to clean out the lint trap. Lift machine to make sure water is completely drained (gravity drain) Also make sure the drain hose is drained too… my machine came with a hose over 5ft long!! Then wipe down everything and leave lids open to air dry so you don’t get mold and mildew!

What Customers Say

At the time of writing our review, 65% of the reviewers on Amazon have given the Giantex Portable Washing Machine a 5-star rating, while 10% of the reviewers have given it a 1-star rating.

Overall, users are impressed by the convenience and performance it offers. Many were impressed with the easy-to-use price and good on its budget.

Customer reviews: Check Here

This thing is amazing! I have had it for about a week now and I am getting down how much soap it does not use! My first few loads were a bit soapy! This is well worth the money! It cleans the clothes great and wow that spin dryer is awesome, after 5 minutes my clothes are practically dry, I just hang dry them for an hour and they are good to go! It takes about 3 hours to dry a pair of jeans, but hey wash them at night and let them dry for the next morning!

Customer Reviews

The Verdict

Lastly, this isn’t a solution for washing everything you own. Heavy bedding and beach towels can only be washed well in a full-size machine. But for smaller items, it’s not a bad investment at all. Overall, The Giantex Portable washing machine is great. Easy to use, reasonably priced, and a life saver if you have to leave your home to do the wash. This will save you lots of money if you drop off your laundry to be washed every week

The Giantex Washing Machine is available at at the moment for one of the best prices.

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