Emeet Webcam C960 Review: The Price Of Simplicity

emeet webcam review

Emeet Webcam C960 Review

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  • Great Price
  • Rotatable Cip
  • 1080P Full HD Video Quality


  • No Manual Focus

The Emeet Webcam is a nice looking camera with good quality images. We find it much better (and less pixilated picture) to comparable inexpensive cameras. This is the third “under $30” camera We have tested and by far the best of that price point. 

Unboxing – The Emeet webcam 1080P C960 review:

Emeet Webcam C960 Review: Value

Emeet webcam setup:  easy to setup and use.  Emeet webcam moreover, gives you a lot of flexibility to position it. For instance, the USB cable that connects it to your computer is long, so it can easily reach your computer. Above all, the best part of this webcam is plug and play. You do not have to install any software for it to work. The only thing you need to do is plugging it, and it is ready to go for video conferencing

Whether it is a video call with relatives at home or a meeting with colleagues in the office, the streaming webcam is perfectly suited for you as a tripod-ready universal clip C960 webcam has can be clamped on most display equipment like TV, computer, and so on. The powerful compatibility of C960 makes your video easier.

Emeet C960 webcam setup with the computer: 

Emeet Webcam C960 Review: Performance 

FOV: 90 degrees | Resolution 1080p |  Framerate: 30fps

Emeet webcam software: Emeet streaming webcam specifically designed and optimized for professional video streaming on social gaming and entertainment like Twitch and Youtube. True-to-life 1920 X 1080p video at 30fps and 4 layer anti-glare glasses lens delivers sharp, smooth video for Skype chats and Youtube recordings. Whether teleconferencing at home and choosing the EMeet webcam for your home office or on a video call with relatives, you can get a fluent video experience.

The lens of the C960 HD webcam is composed of 4 layers of glass instead of cheap plastic film, ensuring that the picture displayed during the video conference is more realistic. As compared to plastic lenses, glass lenses can provide a higher degree of color reproduction. The 90° wide-angle lens can accommodate more participants. In video calls, there is no need to frequently adjust the direction of the camera to show people in different positions.

Emeet webcam test & setup: 

Automatic low-light correction technology is applied in the EMeet 1080P HD webcam so that the PC camera could capture the image in dim light. EMeet C960 USB webcam also has a low-light boost, color boost, and adjust exposure so you look your best, even in dim and harsh lighting. Imagine you are working in front of a sunny window. Is it convenient for no need to draw the curtains first when a video call comes in to get a normal exposure picture?

EMeet C96 webcam is built in 2 stereo omnidirectional microphones applying with eMeet Voice IA technology, picking up your voice, and filtering out background noise to creating an excellent radio effect. eMeet webcam with microphone enables you to enjoy crystal clear voice for hassle-free communication. (When installing the USB webcam, remember to select EMeet C960 USB webcam as the default device for the microphone)

If you’re searching for a near equally performing webcam for a lower price, perhaps the Jelly Comb Webcam is of interest.

Emeet C960 webcam was tested by the customer: 

Customer Review : Check here

Purchased this webcam after reading and watching several reviews. Pretty happy with this little webcam. The video quality is good, but what really impresses me is the way it adjusts for low light. I had issues with my lighting and this solved them without having to have additional light sources in my room. Very affordable, too!

Customer Reviews


Emeet webcam is a quality one for under $40 and it was very easy to install. The picture quality and the built-in microphone are good features as well. With the current pandemic, it’s very hard to find a quality webcam under $40, so don’t miss the chance to get a webcam for your laptop or PC, the great deal is waiting for you on Amazon.

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