Costway Mini Washing Machine With Spin Dryver Review 2024

costway mini washing machine review

Costway Mini Washing Machine

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Washing machines are a powerful support tool for housewives in cleaning clothes and equipment that is becoming more and more popular in families by convenience. But washing will not be enough on days of humid weather or cold weather days will make clothes can not be dry and fragrant, the washer-dryer product line was born as a convenient solution. With traditional washing machine models that only meet the needs of washing and squeezing clothes for drying and drying clothes that need sunlight or their own drying tools, the washer-dryer is designed to combine convenient drying in the same equipment. One of the most popular machines today is the Costway Mini washing machine. The Costway Mini washer that is dried after washing will use smart evaporation technology and a large rotation speed that evaporates water in clothes, reducing the amount of water from 80% – 100% helps to shorten the drying time or do not need to re-dry.


The Costway Washing Machine is portable by design. Measuring 22.44 x 15.94 x 14.57 inches, the size is great and fits in your cabinet space perfectly. The machine features a white and blue color scheme and the construction is sleek and good-looking.

Costway Mini Washing Machine – Functionality

This beats hand washing by a mile. Do not expect a fully automated machine because this a glorified “hand” washing bucket. If you want 100% automated you need to look at the other products on the market. For this mini machine, you still have to manually fill, drain, and spin-wring “dry” to get the water out of the clothes.

the capacity of the costway mini washing machine

The Costway Mini Portable Washing Machine alternates spinning clockwise and counterclockwise during the washing cycle as a way to slosh around the clothes to clean it.

There is a 10-minute washing timer and a 5-minute spin “dry” timer. The knob function is simple. You turn it to the time you want to use and you can manually turn it to 0 if you want to prematurely stop it.

The spin basket is smaller so you will not be able to fit all the clothes you washed into the spin basket (you will have to do multiple loads to spin), but it’s a trade-off for the small footprint machine.

The condition of the water in the washing machine can also be clearly seen through a clear lid, this water can be refreshed if it starts to become too dirty.

Costway Mini Washing Machine Manual

Costway Mini Washer At Amazon For $79

Using this machine is straightforward. Plug it in, fill with water, add detergent, and let ‘er rip. A few tips though:

1. Pre-soak your items. An hour, preferably overnight, in a bucket with a little detergent. Really helps to loosen the grime and body oils on the fabric.

2. Liquid detergent works best with this machine. And, use sparingly. A tablespoon and a half at most. It’ll be so hard to rinse all the suds off if it’s too bubbly and soaped up.

3. The motor gets warm after 2-3 runs so don’t overload the machine. That’s why I’d rinse the items in a bucket twice before the last run with Downy in the machine.

4. Machine works best when the water and items loaded in the machine do not go past max fill line when the machine is not running. Loosely packed items get cleaned better. My scrub set (pants and top) is usually enough to fill up the wash tub.

5. Since the machine swirls the items in the center, the items get pretty tangled up in the end. Delicates and items with hooks like bras should be hooked close, or better yet, in a mesh bag for protection.

6. If you’ve placed the machine on a flat surface with a drain nearby (e.g. inside shower stall), I’d recommend placing this on a more elevated surface (I used an old yoga mat folded up to raise it a few inches from the floor). I say this because when you drain the wash water, the flow of water is so strong that the drain may get overwhelmed and you find your plugged-in machine sitting dangerously in a pool of dirty water.

7. Leave the top open for a day or two to fully dry out, so you don’t get the mildew smell. Or, you could do as I do and pop in a small container of Damp Rid after a few hours of drying it out to make sure all the moisture is taken out

costway mini washing machine setup
costway mini washing machine setup

Where to use it:

1) In the bathtub and by filling it up with a bucket (much faster in my opinion).

2) In the kitchen attached to the sink faucet with draining into a bucket

As long as you keep the water within the min and max lines, the water is contained well within the machine so you don’t have to worry about spilling water everywhere.

The instructions recommend doing it in the bathtub to be safe. If you choose to do it anywhere besides in the tub, you will have to drain the water into a bucket.

When putting it in the bathtub, I simply put it in the tub and let the hose down whenever I need to drain it. There is no concern about the cord hitting the water.

Customer Reviews: Check here

This little guy can hold quite a lot and it’s much quieter than I expected. Also the little metal pinching ring they include solves the issue of not being able to connect the water input hose to your sink that other models seem to have an issue with. But honestly even if there was that problem you can always just fill it yourself. It also does a great job at agitating my clothes and getting them much cleaner than I thought. This was supposed to just hold me over between laundromat visits but I honestly think it does a good enough job to be the only washer I need.

Customer reviews

Why To Buy the Costway Mini Washing Machine With Spin Dry

I completely recommend the Costway Mini washing machine, if you need to wash socks, undies, t-shirts, workout clothes, scrubs, baby/kid clothes, kitchen towels, hand towels, washcloths, etc., and you’re cool with hanging your stuff to dry. But if you need more spin-dry capacity than one pair of size 12 boys sweatpants, you might want to consider a machine with a larger spin-dry capacity like the Kuppet Compact Twin Tub washing machine

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