Campark T80 Trail Camera Review 2024: Magic Trail Camera

Campark T80 trail camera review

Campark T80 Review









  • 1296P HD video resolution
  • WiFi and bluetooth connectivity
  • 2.3-inch color TFT LCD screen


  • Low glow flash
  • User manual could be a bit better

I did some research before buying the Campark T80 trail camera. What caught my eye was the WIFI but also the 20MP still image res and 1296p HD video. The WiFi really makes looking at images easy. This is the second trail camera I have owned and I am very happy with the Campark T-80 My other camera is a high-quality other brand and this camera blows it away for image and video quality. So I decided to share my views on what I like and don’t like about the Campark T80 in this full review.

Campark T80 Trail Camera Review: Design 

Campark T80 trail camera has camouflage color and T80 is of a clamshell design. The IP66 waterproof sturdy case of the trail camera protects your hunting camera from rain and dust damage. It can also work in tough environments like deserts or tropical rain forest. On the front, you can see the camera, With 3 passive infrared sensors, the high-sensitive camera detect and record every breathtaking motion with lower power consumption. 

Unboxing the Campark t80 trail camera: 

The packaging is professional with a well-written user guide. The product itself is quite sturdy and seems very water-resistant. In fact, the camera is heavier than I anticipated when compared to Ring and other outdoor cameras

Campark T80 manual: I think my favorite part is that it comes with a strap to allow you to wrap it around a tree or pole. The back of the camera housing is made in such a way that creates enough friction that it likely won’t slide down. The camouflage design of the camera housing also makes it virtually unnoticeable in the wilderness

Campark T80 trail camera setup: 

Another nice feature is a mounting bracket for a permanent installation which would be useful for home security monitoring applications. We triggered on ourselves many times walking around so we are sure it would be good for monitoring trespassing and suspicious activity at least 50 to 75 feet away.

Campark T80 Trail Camera Review: Camera and Availability

The Campark T80 trail camera comes in a 20MP and supports a full HD 1296p video. It also has an adjustable shutter speed with settings of 1/15,1/20,1/30. The field of view is 120 degrees.

Daytime sensitivity to movement is typically about 75 feet / 20 meters below 77 degrees F. The daytime color images are of good quality. The range of the camera seems to be a little farther at night. The CamPark T80 Trail Camera is equipped with night vision. The IR flash is easy to see when looking at the camera at night as an array of dimly lit red lights.

Campark T80 trail camera setup and test: 

The device comes with a built-in screen for not only the settings but also to playback the videos from the SD card. This is something that you wouldn’t get from Ring or any other outdoor camera devices. This is great if you want to skip the WiFi or Bluetooth setup process and simply want to collect some videos to watch later.

Campark T80 App: This camera has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.  Once connected via WiFi it can be controlled through your smartphone using the free app, Hunting Camera Pro, which is available from Campark for both IOS and Android devices.

Wi-Fi access with the phone from about 20-30 yards away. While hunting in an area by the camera, I can access the photos/videos with an app on my phone through wifi and get a good idea of past activity. Can download those to phone! Also, can change the mode & options from wifi like photos to video or changing photo size, etc. 

Another option is the Campark T45 trail camera, which you can buy for $75 for up to 40% sale on amazon, and offers similar specs

Campark T80 Trail Camera Review: Battery And SD Card

To get the Campark T80 trail camera to work you are going to need to have an SD card and 8x AA batteries. Let me first say that if you want your camera to last do not rely on alkaline batteries. They WILL eventually leak and ruin your camera. Spend a little money on a 6v rechargeable setup if this is something you expect to use frequently or at least get some quality rechargeable AA batteries.

Campark T80 manual: 

Campark T80 Trail Camera Review: User reviews

Campark T80 Trail Camera Review

Customer reviews: Check here

We really like this trail cam because it captures small animals such as rabbits as well as deer eating our fruit tree buds. The day and night picture and video quality is really good. The battery life is pretty good, still at 75% after two weeks on auto mode using generic alkalines. WIFI works great. I can easily download and delete files from my front porch 75′ away from the camera. The included remote control to turn wifi on/off is a handy little gadget. It also stayed dry inside through several rainy/ windy days. An SD card is not included but they only cost $10 and we had some 32gb laying around. Great little camera.

Customer Reviews


Campark T80 trail camera is a simple and high-quality game camera. You can easily navigate through the menus and get set up in no time. I never really thought about having a game camera. But it is completely worth the money. It is a good, peace of mind for a security camera. The only thing I don’t like about it is getting the SD card out. It is impossible without tweezers. But fortunately, the wifi system makes removing the card a rare event. All in all, we are happy with the Campark T80 trail camera, particularly in light of the features for the price paid. We would highly recommend it to anyone

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