Campark T45A Trail Camera review 2024: Good trail camera for the price

campark t45 review

Campark T45a Review

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Over the years, We have owned or borrowed a few different game cameras, and over time have seen improvements in each one. The Campark T45a version was a step-up for a couple of reasons. This is the first we’ve owned which has its own viewing screen. Major improvement. Read on our “Campark T45a review” post to further clarify its peak

CamPark T45A Review: Design

Campark T45a trail camera has a camouflage color and It is waterproof. On the front, you can see the camera, With 3 passive infrared sensors, the high-sensitive camera detect and record every breathtaking motion with lower power consumption. The 42 pcs upgraded infrared LEDs without bright flash can let you catch any moment even at night

Design of the Campark T45a Trail Camera: 

Also, the on/setup/off switch is a bit hard to locate (it’s inside the camera when you open it up, on the bottom left.

Campark T45 trail camera setup: It comes with a very cool stand that you can attach permanently with screws, or temporarily, as well as a strap that you could use to attach to a tree or post.

Campark T45 trail camera setup: 

Another nice feature is a mounting bracket for a permanent installation which would be useful for home security monitoring applications. We triggered on ourselves many times walking around so we are sure it would be good for monitoring trespassing and suspicious activity at least 50 to 75 feet away.

Our only complaint thus far is that it is very difficult to remove the protective film from the lenses. There is no easy way to grab the film without using a pointed implement to reach into the recess to lift an edge of the film. That risks scratching the lens the film is designed to protect.

Campark T45A Review: Camera And Availability

The Campark T45 trail camera comes in a 14MP and supports a full HD 1080p video. The field of view is 120 degrees, although Toguard H80 is more narrow than one with a 110-degree viewing angle.

In test mode, you can work out the optimum angle and range of the side motion sensors. There are 2 side motion sensors–one pointing left, one pointing right.

The minimum focus distance is about 24 inches so if you put the subject closer than that it will naturally be a little out of focus so account for that in your shoot layout all cameras have that issue you can’t get too close and be in focus.

Campark T45 trail camera setup and test:

The CamPark T45a Trail Camera is equipped with night vision. The IR night lights are very bright

The other cool thing about The Campark T45 trail camera is that you can get a preview of what it captures without having to take the card out and bring it to your computer. It has a screen inside when you open the hinge, so you can preview the pictures/videos to see if it’s worth looking further, or if you just want to delete all to free up space on the card! This comes in handy in many cases, and especially when you’re trying to set it up in the best locations/angles, etc.

Campark T45A review: Battery

The battery’s life depends on whether you use it with four or eight batteries. You will need to buy 1.5V AA batteries. The standby time of the device is six months.

Once the batteries get low, there is an indicator but it stops taking photos at night when it’s most important to take photos. So Campark T45 is a good trail cam, but don’t plan on leaving it for more than a few days, the batteries will go dead and won’t take any more photos after a few days

Campark T45A reiew: User reviews

Campark T45A Trail Camera At Amazon For $89.99

First trail camera and I am very pleased with the results. We have a lot of wildlife crossing through our yard, so we decided to capture images of them. After 2 weeks, we got many quality photos of 5 different kinds of wildlife. We do believe that the chipmunks knew they were on camera and decided to do a lot of poses! Setup was very easy. Daytime picture quality superb, even at a 12M setting versus the 16M maximum. Nighttime photos are acceptable, but the lower picture quality might be because of the lower 12M setting we are using. We are not using the video feature as the pictures capture what we need. Very surprised at the shutter speed, we caught one chipmunk stopped in midair jumping across the sightline of the camera between a log and a rock! Unbelievable! We live in Arizona, so opted for the solar panel bundle and it seemed to provide all the power the camera needed over the two-week test period. Definitely would recommend this camera to others. Quality product!

Customer Reviews


We were very pleased with all the menu options for different camera/video settings. It will take a little while to get it completely sorted out and setup perfectly but from what we have done with it so far Campark T45 trail camera taken great pictures and It will be great to finally see exactly what’s in the area where we hunt. All in all, we believe this to be a great purchase for anyone looking for a good budget camera that can be used as a game trail camera, a security camera, or just something to track the squirrels and chipmunks raiding your bird feeder. 

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