Campark T100 Review | Campark T100 Trail Camera 4K Test

Campark T100 Review

Campark T100 Review

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  • 4K video recording
  • 30-megapixel camera
  • 120-degree viewing angle
  • Weatherproof IP66 rating
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Low glow flash
  • Some other 4K trail cameras have longer detection or flash ranges Learn More Here

We have 5 trail cameras that I use year round. The Campark T100 is by far our favorite. We decided to get the T100 because of our experiences with the two Campark T45’s that We own. This camera has several improvements that We really like and have to say that this one tops the chart so far.

Campark T100 Review: Design

The color of the Campark T100 trail camera is also really cool looking. It is a dark green camouflage color and it blends in really well with the woods so we don’t think you should have an issue with someone noticing it.

Campark T100 is IP66 rated so it can easily stay dry during very hard rain/wind. The case is constructed of some very thick and sturdy plastic with quality latches to keep it closed. It even has a place to put a normal-sized padlock on to make it harder for somebody to open it up.

Design of the campark T100:

The built-in display has a much nicer resolution than previous models. It’s evident the manufacturer redesigned the interior of the camera because the screen is now at the top and the area beneath has all the navigation buttons. We like it because the buttons are bigger and easier to use, like a basic TV remote.

We think our favorite part is that it comes with a strap to allow you to wrap it around a tree or pole. Having 2 different threaded camera mounts really makes it easy to mount and get the shot you need. You can also use standard action camera accessories and tripods that are compatible with standard screw mounts.

Campark T100 manual & test: 

Campark T100 Review: Camera And Availability

One of the biggest attractions of the Campark T100 trail camera is its ability to record high resolution 4K videos with audio. It can also capture pictures with up to an impressive 30MP resolution 

It also has an adjustable shutter speed with settings of 1/15,1/20,1/30. The game camera is equipped with a 120° detecting range, which allows you to get an excellent broader view.

Daytime sensitivity to movement is typically about 75 feet. The daytime color images are of good quality. The range of the camera seems to be a little farther at night.

The trail camera equipped with IR flash 36pc 850nm infrared LEDs range 65FT(20m). With 3 passive infrared sensors, it will take clear pictures even in the dark night that you will never miss any exciting moments.

Campark T100 setup at day and night: 

Another nice feature is a mounting bracket for a permanent installation which would be useful for home security monitoring applications. We triggered on ourselves many times walking around so we are sure it would be good for monitoring trespassing and suspicious activity at least 50 to 75 feet away.

The Campark T100 manual & setup: 

Campark T100 App: This camera has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Once connected via WiFi it can be controlled through your smartphone using the free app, Hunting Camera Pro, which is available from Campark for both IOS and Android devices. You don’t have to remove the camera from its location to download/delete pictures and videos.

Another option is the Campark T45a trail camera, which you can buy for $75 for up to 40% sale on amazon, and offers similar specs

Campark T100 Review: Battery And SD Card

To get the Campark T100 trail camera to work you are going to need to have an SD card and 8x AA batteries. Let me first say that if you want your camera to last do not rely on alkaline batteries. They will eventually leak and ruin your camera. Spend a little money on a 6v rechargeable setup if this is something you expect to use frequently or at least get some quality rechargeable AA batteries.

SD Card At Amazon For $7.95

Campark T100 Review: User reviews

Campark T100 4K Trail Camera Review

In the past, I’ve bought several Campark trail cameras, and this one doesn’t disappoint. I purchased this trail camera for my father as a gift for the upcoming hunting season. He is not the most technologically advanced person, but he had no problem operating the camera and setting up the features. I really like the sensitivity and range of the camera. It photographed deer over 10 yards away. it delivers clear pics at a fraction of the cost of the “name brand” cameras. It also came a couple mounting options other than just a strap. Would buy again.

Customer Reviews


Overall, The design of the Campark T100 Trail Camera is very good. The buttons are user friendly and the menu is well thought out. With a re-design on the card slot and water proofing this would be a top notch camera.

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