Aukey Webcam Review 2024: Latest Version

aukey webcam review

Aukey Webcam Review

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  • Nice sleek and professional appearance
  • Great Video and audio quality
  • Very easy to set up


  • None!

Nowadays, online work is increasingly popular, you can organize a meeting, a meeting at home. Beauty bloggers, food bloggers, streamers must equip their electronic devices with a webcam. And the Aukey webcam is a perfect choice for your device. Aukey FHD Webcam is a smart device, with a compact design and wide-angle, high resolution will make your video higher quality, clearer. Read our review for the right investment that will be more effective for your online work

Aukey Webcam Review: Design 

What sets the Aukey webcam apart from others is its design. The convenient foldable design allows you to easily take it anywhere, with dimensions of3.19 x 1.04 x 1 inches and of much better build quality than the Victure Webcam

The lens is behind some clear plastic that sits flush against the body giving it a clean look. There’s a noticeable blue LED that turns on when the camera is active, and it’s not too bright in the dark.

Just plug it in and you are ready to go! The mounting clip can be flexibly placed on any desktop / monitor/ laptop / Chromebook / PC / smart TV / tripod

Aukey FHD Webcam Review: Value 

Aukey 1080P webcam: easy to setup and use. Aukey FHD webcam gives you a lot of flexibility to install it. Just plug it into your computer and open up the video software you want to use (Zoom/Skype/etc) and it automatically detects the platform as the video/audio source

For the cost, this is a very good deal because it is just as good as our Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam (higher-end webcam) for half the cost.  Aukey webcam setup sits flat on a table or box, you can twist it onto a tripod, or you can clip it to your computer. There’s a nice rubberized surface on the inside of the slip so it won’t slip or damage your computer.

Aukey FHD webcam setup with the computer: 

Aukey 1080P webcam Work on most social media platforms, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts and FaceTime for Mac, etc. Compatible with Windows7, Windows XP2, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, MAC OS10.6 or updated version, Chrome OS, and Android V5.0

Aukey FHD Webcam Review: Performance

FOV: 65 degrees | Resolution 1080p |  Framerate: 30fps

The Aukey webcam resolution up to 1080p support at 30fps. The field of view is 65 degrees. Although The Logitech C922 Pro Stream webcam is wider with a 90-degree viewing angle. The wide-angle lens does create some distortion if you are sitting close to the camera but also allows for a wider view. The picture is crisp and bright without being washed out and shows good detail especially when compared to the blurry mess that is the built-in Chromebook camera.

Aukey Webcam Review:
AUKEY 1080P webcam review & setup


Aukey webcam is a fixed focus design and care should be taken to ensure that the subjects are decently lit. There’s no need to set up large flood lamps, but a couple of desk lamps can go a long way toward improving video quality on a low-cost webcam such as this. No camera lens cover. Not a big deal

If you’re searching for a near equally performing webcam for a lower price, perhaps the Nexigo Webcam   is of interest


Bought this because my $3000 laptop’s webcam is a potato. Definitely has a wide angle, and working from home a lot, if you’re not blurring your background, this definitely captures a wide frame of view. Good quality though. Skews a bit on the white balance but you’ll be okay if you diffuse the light a bit. The stand and swivel is good for framing and positioning. No, there isn’t a physical shudder, but just unplug it.

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The Aukey Webcam is a great product: great sound quality, good video quality, simple install, quick delivery. Overall we would highly consider this camera for anyone looking to start streaming on a budget or add some quality to Zoom meetings that have taken over your life these days. 

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