Apeman C420D Review 2024

apeman c420d review

Apeman C420D Review

SALE 65%





Camera Quality



  • Good price-tag
  • Easy to install
  • 1080p, wide-angle video


  • Poor manual

Apeman C420D dash cam is an amazing value. Having both a front and rear 1080P FHD Mini camera is very important for safety and anyone looking at buying a dash cam. This is my 3rd camera from Apeman and I am once again blown away at the performance of this dash camera for the $$. I bought this one due to the fact that it had a small rear-facing camera as well.

Apeman C420D Review: Design 

The Apeman C420D dash camera was very neatly packaged. Very slink design with the black matte finish. No over-complicated glossy design, this is what a dash camera should look like.

design of the apeman C420D dash cam
design of the apeman C420D dash cam

I liked the design of the front camera; small, non-obstructive, looks cool, and has good resolution. The rear camera is very small and easy to install. I recommend this front & rear camera pack as an affordable insurance to record front and back views, you can use if you need as a proof and send to your insurance company. It may save you from thousands of dollars of insurance scams.

the rear camera of apeman c420d dash cam
the rear camera of apeman c420d dash cam

With a large 2 inches touchscreen, this is a quite practical function because you can operate it easily. The front camera vacuum holder holds the front windshield very strong, in fact, stronger than many other brands.

Apeman C420D Installation

Installation was very easy, The suction cup sticks firmly on your windshield via a simple locking knob, and once it’s attached, it’s not going anywhere. Be sure to turn the locking knob to the right to secure the mount

apeman c420d installation
apeman c420d installation

Perform the camera settings before you insert the memory card. The memory card should be formatted in the camera.

The rear camera doesn’t need a separate power source. It has a basic, easy to hide cable that plugs directly to the front camera. Then it uses a standard cigarette lighter plug which thoughtfully has an extra usb socket on it, so it actually doesn’t use up your power source in the car. Front camera is small, not obstructive; rear camera is even smaller.

You can see the rear camera view on your front camera lcd screen, you can choose if you want split screen or picture in picture. Depending on your car lay out, you can snake the rear camera’s cable from the top of windows (hiding under the trim), or from the side of the floor.

Note: If your 12V power source is always on the camera will always be on. If your 12V source is only on when the vehicle is on then your camera will only be on when the vehicle is on

Apeman C420D Review: Camera Quality

Video Recording

The Apeman C420D dash cam will automatically start recording when you start the car’s engine. This happens even when the camera is turned off. Simultaneous recording with Super High-Resolution 1080P and 30FPS Full HD Lens. 

As for the resolution, I recorded during the afternoon and in overcast weather. Resolution was good to read license plates of other cars. The angle is wide enough to cover the traffic lights and the front of the car.

Day Time Image Sample:

Day Time Image Sample
Day Time Image Sample

Night Vision

The night vision is decent and the front camera provides a clear 1080p picture. Although the rear is only 720p it still does a good job at capturing what’s important
And you would have to adjust the light levels on the camera manually. You can still see just as fine as you normally can see with your lights, but don’t expect to be able to pull a recording and see things you normally couldn’t see.

Night Time Image Sample: 

Night Time Image Sample:
Night Time Image Sample:

Apeman C420D Review: Performance 

G-Sensor And Parking Mode

The Apeman C420D also comes with a decent built-in G-sensor. With a built-in G-sensor, the Apeman dashboard camera can automatically detect a sudden shake/collision and lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten even in loop recording. An accident scene can be truly restored

Apeman C420D dashcam also employs loop recording, meaning that it is constantly recording, but splits up the recording in one-, three- or five-minute chunks for review.

A built-in parking mode feature allows the Apeman C420D dash cam to monitor your car’s surrounding for 24 hours

Apeman C420D Review & Instalation :

Apeman C420D Review & Instalation 

Memory And Sound

Memory: Supports 32GB Class 10 memory card. It deletes old clips and saves the newest clips so you don’t need to worry about getting the SD card being full all the time.

SanDisk 32GB At Amazon For $12

The software was intuitive! When you read the microSD on the computer, you’ll run into two folders. The first one contains front camera videos and the second one has rear camera videos. They’re recorded separately

Sound: Records pretty well, the button on the side has a mute button just in case you don’t want the camera to record sounds.

Final Verdict

Overall for the price, I feel like this isn’t a bad camera, however, it’s not a high-end camera by any means

Tips for buyers:

  • You don’t need Full HD, just use 720P to save storage
  • Buy 64GB and above MicroSD Card if you want ~20 hrs footage (10hrs on each cam)
  • Don’t set exposure above +1, anything above it will add unnecessary noise to your footage
  • Rear cam is just an optional thing, you can buy cheaper model without it
  • Select 3 Min Loop recording, don’t turn it off (if turned off each cam uses 3GB to record 30 min of footage (100MB/min)

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