Aoboco Webcam HD 1080P Review: Inexpensive and wonderful

aoboco webcam hd 1080p review

Aoboco Webcam Review

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  • Great Price
  • Sharp Picture
  • No Drivers To Extra Software Required


  • Only 30FPS
  • Unfamiliar brand

If you have kids then you know that they absolutely love watching YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. Well, the gamers and live streamers, social media personalities, and TikTokers are using some amazing video streaming devices. The Aoboco Webcam is clearly one of these devices. Stream your videos at 1080P with auto-focus tech, a built-in ring light with 3 varying intensity levels, and a dual stereo noise-canceling mic with voiceprint recognition.


Aoboco webcam HD is a pretty tiny device, which makes it portable, with dimensions of 2,09 x 2,6 x 2,99 inch, and of much better build quality than the Amcrest webcam. The small compact size makes it a great cam for not only the office but taking on travel if needed.

The clip can fit a wide monitor as easily as a flat panel but comes with a tripod mount on the bottom allowing you a variety of means to place the cam in the best position. The head also rotates both left and right, but also up and down. It is made of solid plastic and the design is stylish and functional.

Aoboco webcam setup with tripod: 


Aoboco webcam drivers: easy to setup and use. In all seriousness, there really isn’t anything that you need to do to get this installed. Once you remove and unwrap the camera from the package, all you need to do is plug in the USB to your laptop and let the driver connect. The attached long USB cable is a plus by not forcing you to put the camera right next to wherever you plug it in.

On the front, you have a 3 mode light that is switched quickly by the small button on the front of the camera. Provides a perfect source of light by itself or as a fill to give a superior and professional look to your video stream.

Aoboco webcam with ring light:

The Aoboco webcam itself is really well built with nice quality components and build design. You get two different mounting options available. You can have the webcam on the top of your monitor or you can have it mounted to a tripod setup. So this is a great setup for both your desk or if you are using the amount. Really great value for the price since you are getting both a ring light and a webcam in one well-built unit.

Image Quality and Sound

FOV: 90 degrees | Resolution: 1080p |  Framerate: 30fps    

Aoboco webcam software resolution up to 1080p support at 30fps. The field of view is 90 degrees. Although Dericam webcam is wider with a 110-degree viewing angle. With a built-in 360° rotation both right and left, you can easily move the camera to any angle you need.

What we liked most was its H.264 compression. It’s lost on video calling (unless you’re recording), but for a streamer who saves their videos, quality is preserved while keeping the file size much lower. Perfect for streaming on social media live such as Twitch, YouTube, Xbox one, Streamlabs OBS, Xsplit, Mixer, Skype, Facebook, and Vlogging

Aoboco webcamHD 1080P Review:

Aoboco webcam setup & test

Aoboco Webcam At Amazon For $49.99

The video and stills are very crisp, autofocus is fast, and seamless at that where there are no slow focus adjustments that slow the focus of the picture.

Aoboco webcam with microphone: Built-in stereo microphone, capturing audio within 20 feet, makes your communication clear during video time. Noise-cancelling makes your communication like a face-to face-talking

Aoboco webcam 1080P was tested by customer: 

Customer Review: Check Here

Best quality for the price. I have been doing zoom calls with family and friends and have not had any issues so far since I got it 5 months ago. You can tweak the picture quality in the camera’s setting to your liking and its highest video resolution is 1080p. The microphone works well. It can pick up your voice clearly. You can easily mount it on your computer or laptop with ease. The ring light around the lens is a nifty feature. It has a touch sensor that when tapped, can change the brightness. It’s only noticeable in a dark room or low-lit room.

Customer Review


Aoboco webcam is a quality one for under $50 and it was very easy to install. The picture quality and the built-in microphone are good features as well. We would totally recommend this and it can probably beat webcams that are $100-$150 dollars. With the current pandemic, it’s very hard to find a quality webcam under $100, so don’t miss the chance to get a webcam for your laptop or PC, the great deal is waiting for you on Amazon.

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